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November 2012

Drive your hips!

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Hey gang,

Check this video to improve your hip drive! It is a really good drill to improve your hip extension. This dril will enhance explosive hip extension, balance, hip stability and power and speed! You can expect higher vertical jump, bigger squat loads and faster Oly lifts.

Try it out!

See you on the Hill,

CrossFit Corrective Exercise Tip: Switch your Deadlift Switch Grip

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We know a “switch” grip creates a much better hold on the bar, thus allowing us to pull mucho macho weight. With one arm internally or externally rotated it can place a lot of stress on the shoulder. Be sure you have enough internal/external mobility in the shoulder and be sure to alternate your hand positioning to reduce continued stress on the components of the shoulder and avoid forming an asymmetry. If you lack shoulder mobility it may be important to warm-up and perform mobility exercises for the shoulder before deadlifting. One might not think of doing that because the deadlift is primarily a lower body exercise. Performing many workouts, sets, and reps with the same grip on the bar can cause havoc on the shoulder. I also recommend keeping a standard overhand grip until your heavier sets where you need the added grip strength.

Train hard, train smart!

-Professor Josh


Step away from the jello salad…you don’t even like it that much.

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Grandma's Pineapple Cucumber Lime Jello Salad (photo)

Hey guys-

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving and were able to get by without going into a massive food coma. As we all know, most Americans are in the midst of binge eating their way through the holidays. However, overeating and weight gain is something that is under our control, even despite it being”the most wonderful time of the year.” Check out this interesting article about not going overboard this holiday season. If you feel like you already blew it last week it’s not too late to get back on the horse. Don’t throw away the whole month of December just because you plan on eating a whole ham on the 25th.  Plan ahead, be prepared and just say “no” to eating 5 buttered rolls at dinner.

See you on the Hill,


More open house!

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Hey gang,

I hope you are well. WOW! The open house was great! We had over 40 people at CrossFit on the Hill last night. If you were not here you missed it! Sorry 😉 . The WOD was awesome. It was a partner WOD consisting of 50 burpees, 100 situps, 150 air squat and 200 med ball slams. 24 people participated on the WOD and the top two teams won a 1 month membership. It was so much fun! We have to do it again!

As the manager of CrossFit on the Hill, I am very happy for the support that the community has given us so far. The Team at CrossFit on the Hill is ready and happy to serve the community of Boston. If you know about us as a member or a guest make sure you spread the word to your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to let them know about us. Every new guest and member gets a complimentary consultation which includes a functional movement screening and a WOD (workout of the day). Visit us @ 123 Terrace Street in Boston, MA or to learn the difference we can make on your workout routine.

See you on the Hill,