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March 2013

Barbell Strength 3.28.13

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Prep for CrossFit Open Workout 13.4 – Clean and Press

It’s great to be back to teaching my Barbell Strength Class. Tonight we will keep it light and work on mastering the clean and press to prepare for tomorrow’s CrossFit Open Workout 13.4 which involves ascending sets of clean and presses and toes to bar (ouch!).

Warm-Up Mobility

Identify areas which need mobilization to succeed during 13.4



  • Dynamic warm w/ bar
  • Teaching the clean from the top down.


  • 5 x 5 @ (50% 1RM) Push Press
  • 5 x 5 @ (50% 1RM) Push Jerk

Cash Out

3 sets strict ring pull-ups to failure.

We Have a Winner!!!

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Hey All,

Congrats again on making it through the 30-day paleo challenge! I commend you all for your dedication to putting your health and fitness first. While it was definitely a close race, we have determined a winner. Congratulations, Will Sanchez, you are CrossFit on the Hill’s first paleo challenge winner!

Here is a testimonial from Will about his journey in going paleo:

      My wife and I first came across Paleo in the August 2012.  A few friends, including one of our CrossFit on the Hill trainers (Javy), spoke volumes about the health benefits and the changes they observed from the lifestyle change in their lives.  Shortly after, we decided to give it a try.  We did not want to be shocked by an abrupt lifestyle change that might turn us off from something that could have potential benefits.  Our approach was to start with what we called “Sustainable Paleo.”  That is, a smooth transition into the lifestyle, allowance of 1-2 cheat days, and, frankly, not really adhering to the rules.  To our surprise, we did notice benefits but they were limited mostly to energy levels.  We maintained this approach until the beginning of recent Paleo Challenge at our box in February.
      We signed up for the Paleo Challenge on February 4th and vowed to a 100% commitment on the lifestyle.  We purchased a Crock Pot that night, restocked our groceries with tons of fruits, veggies, almond butter jars, almond milk, chicken, meat,  nuts, salmon, sweet potato, plantains, olive oil, eggs, etc. etc. etc.  The most challenging part for us was going to be maintaining our stock, regular grocery shopping, and food preparation.  My wife and I maintain a 70-80+ hour/workweek schedule.  Any extra activities eats into our home & family life – a big no no.  To succeed, Paleo and its maintenance had to be integrated into our regular lives with minimal burden and overhead.
      With discipline, the built-in social pressure and accountability of the challenge, and the fun of the process made it all possible and doable.  Sunday afternoons were dedicated to church, groceries, fruit cutting, and meal planning for the week.  We made it a family affair and it was lots of fun!
      Now, the results.  Personally, the results were dramatic!  “Sustainable Paleo” does not compare to the real thing!  I was already convinced by the available literature on the topic and the observable benefits.  Post-challenge I confirmed firsthand that human biology has not evolved on pace to keep up with the rate of (for simplicity) processed and non-Paleo foods.  I have not had a sugar crash since the beginning of the challenge.  This is characteristic of low glycemic index foods (i.e., Paleo).  I have not felt bloated or experienced a “food coma.”  This is characteristic of low carb diets.  I sleep better at night.  My digestive health has improved.  I am more alert.  My mental bandwidth is sharper and has seen improved endurance.  My physical fitness has improved and muscle mass increased (same weight).  For example, we began the challenge with “Fran” as the WOD.  My time came in at 7:07.  We repeated “Fran” post-challenge and my time came in at 5:30!  That is a significant improvement where the only change was diet.  What’s more, I came down with mild pneumonia towards the end of the challenge when we re-did “Fran.”
      My wife and I are Paleo converts and fans.  Health and fitness are a higher priority in our lives.  The benefits are well worth it and carry over to all other aspects of our lives.
      Thank you Javy and the CrossFit on the Hill team for being the agents of change!

Barbell Strength – 03/21/13

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Hey guys,

I hope you are well. We will continue to work on the snatch. This time we will focus on exercises that makes us confident and strong under the bar. I had a awesome time on Monday. Come back tomorrow for more.

  • Snatch warm up x 2
  • 2 x 5 of the following lifts: behind the neck push press, overhead squat with Zotts press, pressing balance, heaving balance and snatch balance
  • Every minute for 5 minute: 1 full snatch; increase weight when you make the lift. We are looking for PRs.

Here is Monday’s programming if you want to makeup the work.

  • Snatch warm up x 2
  • Tall snatch 3 x 5; increasing weight
  • 4 rounds of every minute for 4 minutes – 1 pull snatch and 1 full snatch. Increase weight after every round.

See you on the Hill,