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April 2013

WOD for Wednesday, 5/1/13

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We’ve got another running sandwich for you all! If you’re not a runner or hate running, don’t cherry pick this one. See this as a challenge to overcome, not an obstacle to avoid! Remember, we always scale the WOD according to your fitness level.




For time:

1 mile run


24 Russian twists (35/25)

12 Ring dips

1 mile run


WOD for Tuesday, 4/30/13

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Once a week we will be devoting a WOD to building strength and improving technique in a specific lift. Today we will be doing heavy power cleans, an Olympic lift that is a total body movement that you will see quite frequently in our WODs.



5×1, 3×3, 1×5

WOD for Monday, 4/29/13

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Today we will be combining two of the (less severe, we promise!) “nasty girl” workouts. This WOD will get you using your body weight as well as a moderately heavy kettle bell. Again, if you aren’t a superstar at double unders this is a great opportunity for you to practice while still getting in some metabolic conditioning.



Double unders

For time:


50 (Annie) DUs – situps

21 (Megan) Burpees – KBS (1.5pd/1pd), DUs

40 (Annie)

15 (Megan)

30 (Annie)

9 (Megan)

20 (Annie)

10 (Megan)

3 (Annie)

WOD for Saturday, 4/27/13

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Instead of the typical one person rests while the other works partner WOD, we’ve decided to kick things up a notch. One person will be doing burpees while the other completes the assigned number of double unders. Come and get a great workout using just your body weight.

Partner WOD

4 x 200m MB run


AMBAP in 12 minutes (as many burpees as possible)

50 Double-Unders

Max effort burpees

Barbell Strength: 5x3x1 Week 1

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Hey gang,

By now you should be establishing your initial 1 Rep Maximum (1RM) for your four lifts; deadlift, bench press, shoulder press, and back squat.

Week 1:

Mobility/ Warm-up

2-3 warm-up sets

5 reps at 75% of your 1RM

5 reps @ 80%

5+ reps @ 85% (as many reps with good form as possible)

Complete all 4 lifts by next week to continue to Week 2.

WOD for Friday, 4/26/13

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Click here for a T2B (toes-to-bar) and knees-to-elbows video tutorial from CrossFit HQ. Today you will get to perform a cardio, gymnastic and Olympic movement in a structure called a “triplet.”



1 rnd tabata each:

WB situps

Air squats

3 RFT:

Run 400m

20 T2B

7 Push Jerks 155/105#

WOD for Thursday, 4/25/13

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Time to get inverted, people! “HSPU” stands for handstand push ups. If you can’t even do a regular push up, we are just going to have you practice getting a handstand against the wall. This WOD will get your heart rate up and is a great combination of pushing and pulling movements.


HSPU/Handstand holds

 3 RFT:

500m/400m row

8 Wall climbs

12 Dynamic pushups

16 Box jumps (24″/20″)

WOD for Wednesday, 4/24/13

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“Helen” is one of those “nasty girl” WODs that you may have heard us talking about. This is also called a “benchmark” WOD; one that we encourage you to record your score so you can track your progress when we do it again. This WOD is not an on the Hill original; it is from the CrossFit main website. “Helen” should take approx. 10 minutes to complete.
400m run
21 KB swings
12 Pullups
Cash out
3 LFF (laps for fun)
Gator pushups
Bear Crawls

WOD for Tuesday, 4/22/13

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Sandy working on her double unders! 
Today you will have yet another opportunity to work on your double unders. Haven’t mastered them yet? Never even heard of double unders? Don’t worry, we will take some time before the workout to go over the skill and find an appropriate modification (if necessary).
1 rnd tabata
Double unders
For time:
75 Double-Unders
20 Thrusters (45#/35#)
25 Ab-Mat Situps
50 Double-Unders
20 Thrusters (45#/35#)
25 Ab-Mat Situps
25 Double-Unders
20 Thrusters (45#/35#)
25 Ab-Mat Situps