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WOD for Saturday, 6/1/13

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Today’s WOD is set up like the partner workout from the Regional competition. We modified some of the movements, like bodyweight walking lunges rather than heavy barbell lunges.


Partner WOD

50 Double unders each

50 HR pushups total while the partner holds a HS

40 T2B total while the partner does a hollow hold

30 Box jumps total while the partner holds the bottom position

50 Walking lunges each


WOD for Friday, 5/31/13

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Just when you think these girls can’t get any nastier, meet “Karen.” 150 Wall balls for time. This is doable, but you definitely want to have a strategy going into this one so you don’t burn out within the first 50 reps. Pick a number (10 or 15 for example) and try to stick with it throughout the 150.


Chest to bar pull ups


150 Wall balls for time (20#/14#)


WOD for Thursday, 5/30/13

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Gymnastics is a key component of CrossFit. We want all of our athletes (aka members!) to be able to efficiently move their body through space. Today is a great day to come in and work on your gymnastics; the only thing you’ll be lifting is your own body weight.


Skill: Toes-to-Bar

For time:

50 Double unders

30 Handstand push ups

20 T2B

50 DUs


15 T2B

50 DUs


10 T2B

WOD for Wednesday, 5/29/13

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For this WOD we will be counting total reps during the two 5-minute AMRAPs. We will have the clock running every-minute-on-the-minute, so when you come in from the run you’ll get started on the power cleans as soon as the timer goes off. If you’ve missed doing heavy Olympic lifts get in here and choose a weight that will be challenging yet allow you to complete more than one round in 5 minutes.

For total reps:

800m run

5 min AMRAP

4 Power cleans (155#/115#)

20 Hollow rocks

800m run

5 min AMRAP

4 Power cleans (155#/115#)

20 Hollow rocks

800m run

WOD for Memorial Day, 5/27/2013

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend! A long standing CrossFit tradition is to do “Murph” on Memorial Day. “Murph” appeared on the main site on August 2005. As a young box, this will be our first “Murph” WOD. So come prepare to do a lot of body weight movement and run two miles. This is a HERO WOD. So it is harder and longer than usual WODs. We want everyone to come down and take a hack at “Murph”. At the same time that we honor the brave soldiers who defends our freedom with our hard work. You can split the workout with a friend or you can go at it like a soldier. Only one class at 10am tomorrow.


1mile run

100 Pullups

200 Pushups

300 Air squats

1mile run

You can break off the movements as you prefer!

WOD for Saturday, 5/25/13

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 We are doing this WOD to celebrate beloved member Jamie Tan. She is leaving at the end of next week so we wanted to give her a proper farewell by having her program a WOD for us. Also, we will be having a BBQ right after the workout so you won’t want to miss this one!

“Jamie’s Multiples of 5”


25 Wallballs (20#/14#)

20 MB sit ups (20#/14#)

15 MB cleans (20#/14#)

10 Sit stand box jumps (24″/20″)

5 1-arm push ups


WOD for Friday, 5/24/13

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No more pull ups this week! We are doing an “every minute on the minute” WOD today. Basically you have one minute to complete the three movements and whatever time is left over is your rest. When the minute is up, you go through the movements again for a total of 15 rounds.


Hollow rock/superman


EMOTM for 15 minutes

5 HR pushups

10 Pistols

15 Abmat situps


WOD for Thursday, 5/23/13

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We’ve got another long metcon for you guys today! You’ll start with a sprint on the rower  before you complete the first set of 50 hollow rocks. Then you get back on the rower before you move on to the next movement. This WOD will keep your heart rate up and burn a ton of calories. You don’t want to miss this one!



Ring pushups


For total time

At the beginning of each movement start with 300m/200m row


50 Hollow rocks

40 Air squats

30 Walking lunges

20 T2B

10 Wall climbs


WOD for Wednesday, 5/22/13

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“Nicole” is another one of those nasty girl benchmarks that you see here from time to time. Basically you come in from the 400m run and complete as many unbroken pull ups as possible. Once you drop from the bar, you’re out the door for another 400 meters. Your score is the total pull ups completed in 20 minutes.



Kipping pull-ups



AMPAP in 20 min

400m run

Max rep pull-ups