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August 2013

Partner WOD for Saturday, 8/31/13

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  Partner WOD! You are both working at same time; one person is holding a static movement while the other is counting reps of a similar movement. Once the person holding the bar, plank, etc. breaks form, it’s time to switch! Your score is your total reps at the end of the workout.

For total reps:

3 minutes ME for each, once someone breaks they have to switch roles. 1 min rest between.

KBS and bar holds (53#/35#)

Wall balls and wall squat (20#/14#)

Plank and HR push ups

MB cleans and bottom of squat hold (20#/14#)



100 MB sit ups


WOD for Friday, 8/30/13

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The Bear Complex is back! This workout is a nasty little combination of a power clean, front squat, press, back squat, and behind-the-neck press. That whole mess of numbers underneath it is the pre-selected weight list. Pick a weight and stick with it!

Barbell work:

3 x 5 DL

WOD: (10 min cap)

20 Bear Complex for time

165, 135, 115, 95, 75, 55


WOD for Thursday, 8/29/13

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Today you will kick the day off with some snatch balances. This movement is intended to help you get under the bar into a full squat for the regular squat snatch. After you find your 3 rep max you’ll do some double unders, burpees, and overhead lunges to finish.
Barbell work: 
8 minutes to find 3 RM:
Snatch balance

50 Double-Unders
20 Steps OH Lunges in place 115/75#
25 Burpees

WOD for Wednesday, 8/28/13

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Looking for a good leg burner? Come in and give Kelly a try. This is a long one so you’ll get to develop some mental toughness and cardio respiratory endurance.



5 rounds for time

400m run

30 box jumps (24″/20″)

30 wall balls (20#/14#)

WOD for Tuesday, 8/27/13

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For this workout you have to complete 60 overhead squats for time. Here’s the catch: every minute you have to stop what you’re doing and perform 5 hand release push ups. This means that you want to be doing as many squats as you can unbroken so you don’t have to do too many push ups. Five at a time aren’t bad, but will slow your time down for sure.

For time:

60 Overhead Squats (105#/75#)

EMOTM 5 HR pushups



WOD for Monday, 8/26/13

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Today you’ll get to take a break from the barbell again and work on some gymnastics and kettlebell work. Kettebell snatches are great for building shoulder and core stability as well as indicate weaknesses in one particular side of the body (if any). Oh yeah, you’ll be running too. Enjoy it while the weather is still nice!

For time:
Run 800m
15 T2B
20 KB snatch 24/16kg
Run 400m
20 T2B
25 KB snatch
Run 200m
25 T2B
30 KB snatch



Partner WOD for Saturday, 8/24/13

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 Today’s partner WOD has two parts. To start, you’ll both attempt to complete “Annie” (double unders and sit ups) under 14 minutes. After a two minute break, you’ll have 12 minutes to accumulate as many handstand push ups as you can. One person rows while the other does the HSPU. Your score is your “Annie” time and total reps of HSPU.


Partner WOD!

14 minutes for both to complete
-2 minute rest-
12 min AMRAP (reps)
350m row
**One person rows while the other does ME HSPU. Score is total reps.

WOD for Friday, 8/23/13

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Fran sandwich this week! We call the WOD “Fran’s Cousin” because it involves similar movements to everyone’s favorite nasty girl workout. Wall balls and chest to bar pull ups. Come in and see how you do on this one! Don’t forget to tape up those hands.

“Fran’s Cousin”
40 WBS (20#14#)
20 C2B
30 WBS
15 C2B
20 WBS
10 C2B
10 WBS
5 C2B


2013 Field Day & Picnic – September 8th !!!

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Hello everyone!
CrossFit on the Hill has put together another fun community event for everyone. This time we have reserved some grilling areas at Larz Anderson Park to grill and play some elementary games.

Food: We will provide all the grilled meats once we have a headcount for the event.

We are asking those who are attending to bring some sides, desserts, etc.

Games:Wheel barrel races, cornhole, kickball, egg toss, etc.

Directions: This is a large and slightly confusing park. Search for the parking available between 350-380 Goddard Ave, Brookline.

Our grilling area is behind a playground and shelter.

Please RSVP and bring family and friends. To officially RSVP sign up on our Facebook Event Page. Below in the  facebook comment section let us know who is coming and what you’d like to bring!


Josh, Jenna, and Javy