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September 2013

WOD for Tuesday, 10/1/13

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Instead of giving you guys skill homework, we will be putting it back into the regular class time. Ring/box dips are what you’ll be working on today, and remember with any of this skill stuff you’re going for QUALITY. After it’s a quick burner of snatches and toes-to-bar.

Skill work:

 4 rounds

30s work, 30s rest Ring/box dips



Snatch (95#/65#)



WOD for Monday, 9/30/13

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Well, our Olympic lifting phase is officially over. While you will still be cleaning and snatching (don’t worry!), we are entering into the strength phase in our programming. We’ve got front squats or you today. Don’t be afraid to go heavy, this is how we get stronger and improve our overall fitness.



5×5 Front Squat

5×5 Strict Pull-ups (weighted)


WOD for Friday, 9/27/13

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Here’s your nasty girl for the week! 20 minutes of 400m runs and max unbroken pull ups. Once you drop off the bar, you’re out for another run. Make sure the you smash out those forearms beforehand!


AMRAP 20 for max pull-ups:

400m run



WOD for Thursday, 9/26/13

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 Alright so we have a real lung burner for you guys today. The WOD is “3 Peat:” 3 rounds of rowing, thrusters and sit ups. One minute rest in between sets. You must complete all the assigned reps within 3 minutes; if you don’t you convert your leftover reps into hollow rocks and there’s your cash out.


KB FR lunges (53#/35#)


“3 Peat” 

3 minute chippers of:

15 calorie row (damper setting at 5)

Thrusters 30 @ #45/#35

30 sit-ups

–  1 minute break and rotate –

Cash Out w/ hollow rocks = to left over reps


WOD for Wednesday, 9/25/13

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 Since this is our last week of our Olympic lifting phase, we want to make sure you get in as much time with the barbell as possible. We’ve got a lot of behind the neck (BTN) work for you to start, then it’s death by power snatch! Start with one snatch, then add one each minute. Once you “die” you have to do 3 wall climbs OR 15 hand-release push ups every minute until time is up.

Barbell work: 10 min cap

BTN – Snatch work (3 of each)

3 BTN push press


3 Zotts press

3 Pressing balance

3 Heaving balance

3 Snatch balance


WOD: 15 minute cap

Death by Power Snatch 115/75 

– afterlife 3 wall climbs or 15 HR pushups –


WOD for Tuesday, 9/24/13

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Time to clean up your clean! We are going to take some time before the WOD to work on getting under that bar for the squat cleans that you’ll see in the AMRAP.

Barbell work:

2 x 5 Tall clean

2 x 3 Three position clean: below the knee, lo-hang and hi-hang



Ascending Ladder (add 2)

Squat clean (135/95)



WOD for Monday, 9/23/13

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We hope you all had a nice weekend and are ready to work this week. You’ve got two WODs to get through today. The first is an AMRAP of 100m runs and unbroken wall balls; as soon as you drop the ball, you’re back out for a run. “Disappearing Cindy” is a descending ladder; you take a rep off each round until there aren’t any more reps to complete.


100m MB run

Unbroken WBS (20#/14#)


“Disappearing Cindy” (12 min cap)

descending ladder of 5,10,15 (pull-ups, push-ups, squats)


Partner WOD for Saturday, 9/21/13

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It’s that time of the week again! Pick one med ball to share with your partner, split up the reps and get after it!


For time:

One person works while the other rests. The run is done together but take turns holding the ball.

800m MB run (20#/14#)

100 wall balls

100 MB sit ups

800m MB run