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December 2013

WOD for Tuesday, 12/31/13

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We are saying good bye to 2013 with the Hero WOD “DT”. You all know we love barbell work and it is the best way to receive 2014. Below is the holiday schedule for tomorrow.

11:00am to 2:00pm – Open gym

2:00pm – “DT”



12 Deadlifts (155)

9 Hang cleans

6 Jerks

Have fun  guys!

See you on the Hill,

WOD for Monday, 12/29/13

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Welcome to another week at COTH! This is the last week of 2013 which means that you have 3 more days to accomplish your 2013 goals. We had a jovial conversation about unaccomplished goals for 2013 with the 5:30p class on Friday. You can think is funny… But you still have time to cross some items of that list.

Today we have a chipper! You can see that Coach Josh has a soft spot for chippers… This one is a longer one and has a slight felling of Filthy Fifty WOD. Caution with the 50 DB snatches

Chipper (cap 20)
50 Box Jumps 24/20
50 DB Snatch 50/30#
50 Pull-ups
50 Push-ups

WOD for Friday, 12/27/13

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In the past few weeks we’ve been working on handstands so there’s no better WOD to put all that work into than Diane! As with all of the Girl Benchmark WOD’s make sure you log your time and weight!

Deadlift #225 / #155

WOD for Thursday, 12/26/13

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We hope everyone had a great Christmas! Come in rejuvenated and well-rested as we tackle another workout day. Today we’re starting off by working on chest to bar pull ups. For the rep to count, your chest must touch the bar at the top and you must be fully extended at the bottom.

3x ME C2B Pull-ups (8min)

5RFT (cap 10)
15 Thrusters 45#/ 35#
15 Sit-ups

WOD for Tuesday, 12/24/13

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Merry Christmas Eve! Our gift to you is the 12 days of Christmas: CrossFit style!

WOD: 12 Days of Christmas
2 Push Press 95#/65#
3 Pull-ups
4 Cleans
5 Push-ups
6 Deadlifts
7 Box Jumps 24/ 20
8 Front Squats
9 Burpees
10 Thrusters
11 Sit-ups
12 Snatches

WOD for Monday, 12/23/13

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With Christmas around the corner, this week will have a reduced number of classes. Our schedule has been updated on the “Schedule” tab on the website so make sure you take a look at it. Please sign up for classes before coming so the coaches know to expect you!

5 Front Squats (135#/95)
-1min break –
20 Wall Balls
20 Pull-ups

WOD for Saturday 12/21/13

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Ok, I admit I’m going a little holiday crazy and my programming is getting bizarre but this should be fun to try. If you don’t understand it in writing it will make perfect sense once you see it at the box.


Waterfall Burpees For Time

In even numbered groups you will perform:

Ascending burpees 1-10 will be performed one person at a time conga line style (person at the front performing the burpees only).
— 2 min break
Conga Line Wall Balls For Time
Descending wall-balls 10-1 in conga line style.
Cash Out: Surprise!

WOD for Friday, 12/20/13

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We got a great WOD for you to get a jump start to the weekend. We’ll be doing some kettle bell clean & jerks and step ups. Before it’s all over you gotta cash out with 100 med ball slams! See you On the Hill!

6RFT (15 minute cap)
10 Single Arm KB Clean and Jerk (same arm) 1.5/1pd
10 Step-ups (same leg) 24#/20#
Cash Out: 100MB Slams FT

WOD for Thursday, 12/19/13

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Today we’ll be doing some more fitness testing before the WOD. If you’ve done a 1000m row before make sure you take a look at your previous time and try to beat it. Let’s make this a PR Thursday!

Fitness Test:
1000m row

All-Levels WOD:
5 Wall Climb
10 T2B

Beginners WOD:
3 Wall Climb
10 Knees to Chest

WOD for Wednesday, 12/18/13

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One of the foundational pieces of skillful gymnastics movement is to maintain a solid hollow hold. Today we’ll strengthen that skill by starting off our classes with max effort hollow holds for time over 3 sets. Then we’ll move to the WOD which will be 10 minutes long. Every minute on the minute you will complete 3 squat cleans and then do max effort burpees with the remaining time each minute.

3x ME timed Hollow Hold (running clock 8 minute cap)

EMOTM 10 (score is weight and total burpees)
3 Squat Cleans (155#/ 105)
+ ME Burpees