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June 2014

WOD for Tuesday, 7/1/14

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The tall kneeling MedBall Pass is a good warm-up which enforces glute engagement and good posture while trying to develop power to through the ball to your partner. This exercise will be graded on form, not reps.  The Overhead Stability Walk will act as neuromuscular warm-up and stability drill. It is also a good assessment of your overhead positioning abilities. Those who struggle need to improve to reduce injury when performing overhead exercises.
Our MetCon is a twist on “Jackie”. I jacked up the load and reduced the volume to test your fitness in a different way than the original while keeping the movements the same.
Tall Kneeling MB Pass w/ Partner
OH KB Stability Walk 1 Full zig-zag 53/35#
“Fat Jackie” (Cap 12)
50 Cal Row
30 Thrusters 95#/65
15 Strict Pull-ups

4th of July Week!

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We have a quick announcement concerning scheduling and also the programming for the week!

Friday July 4th – 10am class only

Saturday July 5th – NO CLASSES

Programming 6/30/14–7/4/14

Warm-up: 3 Lateral Banded Walks w/ partner
Strength: 12mins to establish 5RM Deadlift *Compare to 5/22/14
WOD: 8RFT cap 20
200m Run
8 T2B
Warm-up: Tall Kneeling MB Pass w/ Partner
Stability: OH KB Stability Walk 1 Full zig-zag 53/35#
WOD MetCon: “Fat Jackie” (Cap 12)
50 Cal Row
30 Thrusters 95#/65#
15 Strict Pull-ups
Warm-up: Lateral Lunge w/ foot drag  3 x across floor for quality
Stability: Alternating Bird-Dog 10 x 30 each position
WOD MetCon: 10 AMRAP
20 KB Snatch 53/35
30 DU’s
Neuromuscular Warm-up: 5 Inline Bear Crawls
WOD: “Steven” (cap 20)
9 MU’s
12 HSPU deficit 2 plates
400m MB run 20/14#
6 MU’s
400m MB run
3 MU’s
400m MB run
4th of July WOD
WOD: Morrison
50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:
Wall ball shots, 20/14
Box jump, *step-ups are going to be recommended 24/20
Kettlebell swings, 1.5/1pd

WOD for Monday, 6/30/14

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2014-06-23 11.36.05
I hope you are well. Welcome to another week of training at COTH. After some glute engagement exercises you’ll be retesting your 5RM deadlift from May to see if you posterior  chain strength has improved. This is also a good time to work on your hip-hinging form with a coach. Hinging at the hip properly is essential to protect the low back and ensure a long life of healthy movement.
Your MetCon will include a bit of running but in more frequent and shorter distances. This should allow you to keep your running pace up throughout the workout.
3 Lateral Banded Walks w/ partner (red of blue folded in half around knees)
12mins to establish 5RM Deadlift
200m Run
8 T2B
See you on the Hill,

WOD for Saturday, 6/28/14

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It’s the weekend!!! Come on in for a little Saturday chipper/sandwich to kick things off.  This workout is to be completed with a partner; you will be sharing one plate and using it to complete the following movements. One person works while the other rests.

For time: 

800m plate carry (45#/25#)
50 Plate push ups
50 Plate sit ups
100 Plate to OH
50 Plate sit ups
50 Plate push ups
800m plate carry

WOD for Friday, 6/27/14

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We are advancing our hollow body continuum  by applying the hollow body position combined with movement to test positioning during the chin-up. Repetitions will only be counted if the athlete can maintain that hollow body position during the movement.
Our MetCon is designed for  Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero a boxer who has been CrossFitting to improve his conditioning. Performing a high heart rate conditioning workout like this will do just that. 
3xME Hollow Hold Chin-up

WOD: The Ghost
6 rounds of:
1 minute of rowing for calories
1 minute of burpees
1 minute of double-unders
1 minute rest

WOD for Thursday, 6/26/14

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We will spend some time working on the skill and precision of the Split Jerk. The split jerk is the most effective way to get the heaviest load from the shoulders to over the head. Something like that deserves a bit of practice.
Our MetCon is a dynamic pairing of heavy weightlifting and gymnastic movements with an aerobic portion in between. This is a great test of overall fitness.
Split Jerk
WOD MetCon: (Cap 25)
15 Clean and Jerk (155/105#)
1 Mile Run
15 C2B

Lateral Band Walks

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Kailey takes us through a very simple and effective engagement exercise for the glutes and hips. Activating this area can decrease knee and hip injuries, reduce back pain, and prepare the tissue for the intense work to follow which is extremely important  when CrossFitting. Be sure to keep the band tight and keep your knees out over your heels.

WOD for Wednesday, 6/25/14

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Last week we performed Straight Body Levers which proved to be very challenging for many. Today we will practice Dragon Flag’s which are a very similar core control and and mid-line stability exercise.
Next we will be back on the rings. Rather than testing gymnastic endurance of the ring-dip we will test strength using the ring-dip with a weighted 3RM. This is also a great opportunity for first timers to try stabilizing themselves on the rings and intermediates to get their first Rx ring-dip or try using a smaller band.
Our MetCon is straight forward and we’ll see who has the engine to perform 150 wall balls for time.
Stability/Gymnastics: (5 mins)
Dragon Flag 20 w/ 5 sec drop
Strength/Skill: (8mins)
3RM weighted strict dip *rings must touch shoulder
WOD: “Karen” (cap 15)
150 wall balls (20#/14)


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Olaf loves summer


Training in the summer months means you must hydrate! This means drink enough water throughout the day and not just before or after the WOD.

Staying hydrated ensures safe training and prevents you from feeling the following: lightheaded, headaches, and cramping.

Feel free to bring your water bottles, hats, sunglasses and sunblock!

We take pride in a being a safe, positive and encouraging community. As a friendly reminder, please keep your shirt on at all times and wear appropriate fitness clothing while you are in the facility.

Happy Summer!

See you on the Hill,

WOD for Tuesday, 6/24/14

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Prioritizing the negative or eccentric portion and tempo of the HSPU will improve shoulder strength and stability. This will increase our ability to perform HSPU’s and other overhead presses. This will also allow novices who lack the strength to perform a HSPU to build that necessary strength and control on the negative portion of the movement by kicking on to the wall and only lowering their head back to the tripod position.
Our MetCon is to honor Queen of the Hill, Julia. We picked a few of her favorite movements and combined them for a deceivingly challenging workout.
Stability/ gymnastics:
Tempo Negative HSPU 3 x 5 w/ 5 sec drop
WOD: “Julia” (Cap 18)
100 singles
50 Step back lunges *no weight
25 KB Swings (1.5/1) *Russian swings