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October 2014

WOD for Friday, 10/31/14

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Friday’s workout begins with a some time spent on learning the skill and strength of the Turkish Get-up. The TGU teaches stability and strength in all corners along with balance and patterning. For the MetCon, I just designed an odd couplet of Floor to Bar Touches and Hang Snatches. I can’t really say I have a reason other than “variance”.
Stability / Skill:
5mins of skill then–
6 EMOTM 2 TGU’s (alternating each round) For Quality
20 Floor to bar touches 6”+ target (touch the floor, vertical jump to touch the bar)
10 Hang Snatches 95/65#
Cash Out:
Tabata Hollow Holds

WOD for Thursday, 10/30/14

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Today’s MetCon is not your typical AMRAP. It is essentially intervals but without rest periods. The clock will be running continuously  for 12 mins as you switch from movement to movement. We will also be using the less visited  exercises such as chin-ups and medicine ball cleans.
Alternating bird-dog 10x (30 sec holds) *alternating
From 0-2mins:
From 2-4mins:
ME Chin-ups
From 4-6 mins:
From 6-8 mins:
ME MB Clean #20/14
From 8-10 mins:
From 10-12 mins:
ME Chin-ups

WOD for Wednesday, 10/29/14

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This is our last week of heavy deadlifts before deloading and it is the highest percentages we’ve used so far in our Wendler Cycle. The MetCon to follow is simply a Chipper with varied movements with bodyweight and kettlebell exercises.
Deadlift: (Wendler) *1 minute rest
Week 4: 5@75%, 3@85%, 1+@95%
For Time: (Cap 15)
50 KB Swing  2/1.5pd
40 Goblet Squat
30 Burpees
20 Step Back Lunges
10 HR Push-ups

WOD for Tuesday, 10/28/14

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Today we celebrate our current Queen of the Hill, Armide. Armide wanted you to enjoy a few of her favorite things. To make sure you got an adequate dose we designed multiple  intervals of each at maximum effort.
Strength: (8mins)
3x ME  Strict Ring Dip
“Armide” (18 mins)

1min ME Cal Row
-30 sec rest
1min ME Sit-ups
-30 sec rest
1min ME Push- Press 95/65# 45/15#
-30 sec rest
1min ME Box-overs 24/20#
-30 sec rest

WOD for Monday, 10/27/14

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Monday is the continuation or our Tempo Back Squat program. Be sure to stay strict on your tempo. Sometimes it helps to have a lifting partner with you to count out the pace. Trading good positioning and tempo for heavier weight with less control is not the desired method and in the end will prove less valuable.  Your MetCon will include a weightlifting global extension movement paired with a gymnastic global flexion movement in the usual 21/15/9 rep scheme.
Movement Prep:
1min Baby Squat
2xGreen Mile
20 Wall Squat
Strength: 15-18mins
Back Squat: (Tempo 31X1) *1 minute rest

Week 4: 4×4
MetCon: (cap 10)
Power Clean 135/95#
Toes to Bar

WOD for Friday, 10/24/14

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We took the opportunity today to design an Active Recovery WOD. With dozens of COTH athletes preparing for the 2nd Annual In-House Throwdown tomorrow what better timing to teach and apply active recovery techniques. Veteran athletes have learned that recovery is as important as their actual training. This is your chance to add some of these techniques to your ever expanding tool box as a COTH member. There will be an optional workout for those who aren’t competing this weekend but I hope you consider taking the day to slow things down and learn this important process with the coaches.
“Recovery Day”
Foam Roll: 20mins
Band Assisted Stretches: 10 mins
Hip Stretch 1min each side (2minutes)
Lat Stretch 1 min each side (2minutes)
Front Rack Stretch  1 min each side (2 minutes)
Mobility: 10 mins
Side Lying Windmill 1 min each side (2 minutes)
QL Praying Pose/ Child’s pose 1 min reaching to each side (2 minutes)
Pigeon 1 minutes each side (2 minutes)
Active Recovery: 10 mins
30 sec intervals rowing at 80% and 50%
*athletes can use the clock on their screen also
*** Athletes who do not want to join the recovery class can perform the following WOD:
MetCon: 10mins
800m Run
-in remaining time AMRAP of
20 Burpees
20 step back lunges

Attention: COTH 2014 Throwdown Athletes

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Hello fit people,

I hope you guys are well. I am so excited and anxious for Saturday. It is going be to be AWESOME! Please take some time to read below and go over the videos again. These points will help you prepare and enjoy the competition even more.

Timeline for the competition:

7:30am – Athletes’ registration: You need to check in with Jenna or Sandy so you can get your heat assignments. As soon as we get everyone check in the heats will be posted on the Whiteboard.

8:00am – Athletes’ briefing: Athletes need to be present for the athletes’ briefing. Josh will go over all the standards and requirements for the event. You want to clear any doubts and make sure you understand the standards.

8:30a (approximately) – Event 1 will start as soon as the athletes’ briefing is over. So you need to do your mobility and movement prep before Josh finishes with the briefing.

12:30p (approximately) – The end of the competition and start of the party.

Some notes:

  1. If you are bringing any dishes for the potluck, please give them to one of the coaches and we will store it in the fridge.
  2. Please keep your stuff (knee bands, wrist wraps, etc…) organize. There will be around 40 athletes, all the coaches and spectators at the box at once. So I encourage you to bring a gym bag to keep your stuff organize. We want to prevent tripping hazards and delays on the competition.
  3. Bring food and supplements to prepare or recover in between events.

If you have questions or want to add anything to this list, please email us at

See you on the Hill,



WOD for Thursday, 10/23/14

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We will take a large chunk of class time cleaning up the clean, see what I did there? This is a great time to really learn and develop the athleticism it takes to pull yourself UNDER the bar and receive the bar correctly in a stable front rack position on your way into your squat. “Squat” Cleans will allow you to carry the highest load of all the clean variations. So while you may have a difficult time performing them, they are  essential to learn to be a complete athlete and their benefits, light or heavy, are tremendous. This is also a great time for members who are competing this weekend to verify if they are squat cleaning appropriately.

Skill: Squat Cleans

MetCon: EMOTM 14
*alternate movements each minute
6 Squat Cleans 155/105#
35 Double Unders


WOD for Wednesday, 10/22/14

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Coaches are impressed with everyone’s improved form on their deadlifts. Those who have been following along with the block of programming will be performing triples up to 90%.

Here are some tips I use for setting up before pulling big weight:
-Develop a routine for approaching your bar and set-up.
-Build as much tension in your muscle and bar before pull the bar off the floor as possible.
-Pick up your chest to proactively keep your shoulders from rounding and tuck your chin (think double chin).
-Squeeze your butt and brace your abdomen to initiate movement.

Wednesday also means it’s Yoga Night at the Hill! Perfect week to go in preparation for Saturday’s Throwdown. You can sign up for yoga here (*admin please insert link to yoga details here).

Strength: Deadlift
Week 3: 3@70%, 3@80%, 3+@90%

MetCon: AMRAP 12
20 Wall Balls 20/14#
25 KB Swing 2/1.5pd