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November 2014

WOD for Wednesday, 11/25/14

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Hello athletes,

While our class is during the day we can utilize the sunlight (hopefully) and run outside safely. Remember there will be months of no running coming soon and we need to take advantage of it now.  In honor of the sharing and community involved in the Thanksgiving tradition we thought we’d make our Thanksgiving’s Eve workout a partner WOD. Be sure to “Thank” your partner when you’re done.

Partner WOD:

For Time 

200m Run

100 double unders

200m Run

75 Med Ball Slams

200m Run

50 Sit-ups

200m Run

50 Sit-ups

200m Run

75 MB Slams

200m Run

100 double unders

200m Run

Work hard,

WOD for Tuesday, 11/25/14

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We hope you got a chance to establish your current “Pull-up Ability” with our pull-up pre-test and have selected the right Pull-up Program track for you. Today is the first workout for increasing those abilities. Advanced members will be performing weighted pull-ups to increase strength while beginners will focus on volume and hypertrophy.
Week 2:
Advanced (8mins)
3×3 Strict Pull-ups w/ 25/15# then ME strict Pull-ups (stay on bar)
*You will perform 3 pull-ups with added weight (we suggest a DB squeezed tight between the thighs then crossing your ankles) THEN perform as many pull-ups as possible after dropping the weight. STAY ON THE BAR!

*Men will use 25lbs, women will use 15lbs (scale the weight down if  too heavy. The idea is to at least perform 3 weighted pull-ups.

*Stay on the bar the whole time unless dropping the weight is an issue at your gym then remove it quickly and re-grip.

*Score is total pull-ups performed after the weight is dropped. Take note.
EMOTM for 6 minutes perform 6 pull-ups with a band that will allow you to do so.

*EMOTM= Every Minute on the Minute
*Perform 6 pull-ups every minute using the same band for a total of 6 minutes.
*The set of 6 does not need to be performed “unbroken”. They just need to be completed within the minute. This may come in to play on your final sets.

10 Burpee Box Jump 24/20″ (step-ups OK)
20 KB Swings (2/1.5pd)

WOD for Monday, 11/24/14

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This week we include the other session type of our Undulating Front Squat Program. You will perform 5 sets of 3 at 90% of the 3 rep max that you totaled last week. This will increase your squatting volume while allowing you to accommodate to the weight. In short, you will rotating sessions of maximum effort with low volume with with sessions of lesser load and higher volume. Your conditioning is a Chipper of three highly metabolic exercises in direct succession.
Movement Prep:
1min Baby Squat
2xGreen Mile
20 Wall Squat
Strength: (18mins)
Week 2: Front Squat
5×3@90% of last week’s 3RM
Chipper: (Cap 8) 
20 Push-ups
30 Power Cleans 95/65#
40 Wall Balls 20/14#


WOD for Saturday, 11/22

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Today we will be celebrating beloved member and friend Melody Velasquez! She is moving to Israel at the end of the month, AND she is turning 30 next week. Please join us for a special WOD and party tomorrow at 11am.

“Mel’s Dirty Thirty”


30 Pull ups

30 HR push ups

30 Boulder Squats

30 MB Slams

30 MB Cleans

*reps are to be split between partners, one person works while the other rests.


WOD for Friday, 11/21/14

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Arch Hollow Rolls are a great test of rotational strength through our core. In this core dominant exercise you will be rolling from the hollow to hollow arch positions. When in the hollow arch (aka Superman) position remember to initiate the hold by flexing the glutes and extending the hips rather than extending the lumbar spine.
3 x 12 Arch Hollow Rolls
MetCon: (cap 12)
For Time:
100 DU’s
70 OH Step Back Lunge w/45/25# plate *alternating
40 Sit-ups

WOD for Thursday, 11/20/14

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Today is the beginning of our Pull-Up Strength Program. This time I have programmed two tracks for you to choose to use during the 6 week program based on your current level of ability. You can check out the entire program here to use on your own. These workouts can be done more than once in a week but do not jump ahead in the program to other weeks’ workouts.
Strength: Week 1
Advanced Pull-up:
Test: 3xME strict pull-ups
*ME= Maximum Effort aka “as many as you can”
*All sets must be completed within 10 minutes
*90 secs-2mins is optimal rest
*Take note of your total score
Beginner Pull-up:
Test: Perform as many strict pull-ups as possible. (then perform 2 more sets for training affect)
*If you are far from achieving your first bodyweight pull-up find the LEAST resistant band that allows you to perform a single pull-up. This will be our established starting point.  Tests and Re-Tests are vital in fitness based programs even if you don’t get much of a training affect from the test.
MetCon: Sprint Conditioning
3 Rounds for least amount of total time:
15/12 cal rowing AFAP (cap 1min)
1min rest after each interval
— transition
3 Rounds for least amount of total time:
15 Burpees AFAP (cap 1min)
1min rest after each interval
3 Rounds for least amount of total time:
12 Step Down Box Jumps 30/24” AFAP (cap 1 min)
1min rest after each interval

WOD for Wednesday, 11/19/14

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Today we are going to practice the Single Leg RDL which prioritizes the function of the working hamstring, glutes, and obliques, among others, with the contralateral upper quarter of the body. A movement like this is also a great way to assess our single leg stability or any asymmetry, imbalance or movement dysfunction we may have from one side to another. Due to our body’s incredible ability to compensate we may never notice these issues when performing bi-pedal pulling exercises like the traditional deadlift.
3×10 Single Leg RDL (10mins)
MetCon: (Cap 15) 
As few rounds as possible (AFRAP)
Continuously repeated 20:10 work: rest ratio (tabata)
100 Box Overs w/ MB Slam

WOD for Tuesday, 11/18/14

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Our new strength cycles begin this week. Today we are back to the front squat. We are using an almost overly simple Undulating (think up and down or alternating) Periodization Program. The program will include alternating front squat sessions including maximal efforts days (3RM) and higher volume acclimation days (5×3 @90%). The program will run 6 Weeks, we need you to record the result of these sessions.
I am also interested in testing our improvements in baseline strength can improve our work capacity in typical “CrossFit” style WODs. Since our current strength cycle is Front Squats and Pull-ups, “Fran” is the perfect test for us. We are going to test your “Fran” time at the beginning of the program (today) and after the strength cycle is complete. My assumption is that regardless of an improvement in cardiovascular conditioning improvements in strength increase the efficiency in movement , thus making it less stressful on the cardiovascular and energy systems to begin with. Please record all the components of your “Fran” workout (band, weight, etc).
3 sets Glute Activation w/band below knee:
30 sec Side Lying Clam (each)
30 sec single leg hip bridge (each)
30 sec fire hydrants (each)
Week 1:
3RM Front Squat
Fran *Test*: (Cap 10)
Thruster 95/65#

WOD for Monday, 11/17/14

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Gymnastic strength will be developed today with Ring Push-Ups. This is a great way to train horizontal pressing while prioritizing shoulder stability.
Our Conditioning workout will test our ability to carry asymmetrical or unbalanced load. Kettlebells are a fantastic tool to improve the stability to do so. We know that when the body performs a movement on only one side of the body or carries a load on only one side of the body that it needs a great deal of stability to maintain necessary positions.
Tabata Dead Bugs
Strength: (8mins)
3xME Ring Push-ups
4RFT: (Cap 12)
15 Single Arm KB Swings (1.5/1pd)
15 Single Arm KB Swings *other arm
10 KB Step-ups 24/20” alternating legs
10 KB Step-ups 24/20” alternating legs *other arm