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February 2016

Our Training Methods are Unique.

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Welcome to Our Community!

CrossFit on the Hill (COTH) is a Strength and Conditioning Facility. Our mission is to transform the community we serve through sound fitness services  and supporting each member to be their best. We are a growing and supportive community of young professionals, dads, moms and students striving for the same goal: a healthier lifestyle in the midst of a busy schedule!

Unlike your regular treadmill, elliptical and machine gym, we are an all-coaching facility. Our training consists of bodyweight exercises, weightlifting and conditioning such as running, rowing and jumping rope. Each session is instructed and supervised by a coach.

We offer the following fitness services: private training, semi-private training, small group classes and nutritional guidance. Our schedule caters to all types of lifestyles and all classes are instructed by certified coaches. Come visit our facility and schedule a complimentary private consultation with a COTH coach.

Call us or email us for your First Visit and Free Workout!


Please enjoy the following Fitness and Health Transformation from two of our members. 

Meet the Queen of the Hill for February 2016

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Hello athletes,

The Queen of the Hill for February is Stephanie Ainbinder. Have you ever seen her not smiling? Does not matter what; wall balls, burpees, pullups, rowing… She always has a smile in her face. Plus, as soon as the WOD is done she becomes a cheerleader for her fellow athletes.  We are very happy that Steph chose COTH to bless us with her personality and always positive attitude. Keep reading to learn the reason why she does CrossFit!

What brought you to Boston?

I moved to Boston in 2011 to take a job as a union organizer and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. When I started law school a few years later, I decided to go to Northeastern so I could keep working in this city’s labor movement.

What drew you to CrossFit?

The constant variety in CrossFit seemed really fun and the culture of scaling movements to my ability made me confident that I would be able to do the work.

What keeps you coming back to COTH?

I’m honored to be Queen of the Hill at COTH! The community and the fact that I’ve gotten a lot fitter since working out here keeps me coming back! I’m not doing CrossFit to lose weight or make my body fit a certain aesthetic; I’m doing CrossFit because it feels good and because I want my body to be able to do most of what I ask of it.

I think the community at COTH really encourages that by focusing on performance in the gym over the body-shaming narratives that are thrown around in other group exercise settings (especially in classes with a lot of women). 

Biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?

At first, it was a struggle for me to feel like I was bad at every movement or much slower than the people around me, but my mentality has completely changed and I’ve gotten pretty good at looking at most workouts as an opportunity to improve upon my weaker movements or to crush the things I’m great at.

Except running. I still hate running.

If you could create your own WOD, what movements would you use?

Cleans from multiple starting positions, wall balls, overhead squats, dumbbell snatches, and burpees (only if the burpees are a cashout or are in really small sets during the workout, otherwise they bug me)

My ideal WOD also wouldn’t have gendered Rx weights because everyone’s bodies are so different.

Meat head nickname (with explanation)?

I don’t have a meat head nickname, I’m a vegetarian. 😉

I’d like my meat head nickname to sound like the names Tom Brady awkwardly gives to the whole offense when he tries to sound like he’s just one of the guys.

See you at the box,