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June 2016

July Challenge: Gallon Challenge!

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COTHletes, it is time for another challenge!  Y’all ready-ready?

During the month of July, as a box, our task is to drink 1,000 gallons of water.  

Note: This does not mean that you are expected to drink a gallon of water/day, though some of you may.  A healthy target is to drink anywhere between ½ and ⅔ of your body weight in ounce of water each day.  For example, a 200lb athlete should drink in between 100-132 ounces each day.  This is especially crucial during these hot and humid months.  If you’ve been at the box this week, you know how sweaty these WODs are making us.  It is so so so important that we stay hydrated!

Big picture, though, why, as an athlete should you be concerned about drinking water?  Folks down at Crossfit Rosslyn in DC summed it up well:

  • Water makes your skin healthier.  Having enough moisture in your skin will help it remain healthy through the runs that want to rip up your feet and the pull-ups that assault your hands.
  • Water helps your immune system.  Water is one of the key components in lymph, one of the under-appreciated fluids in the body that carries white blood cells and all those toxins that want to make you sick.  Being sick in the Summer is the worst, so that should be argument enough right there.
  • Water is necessary for healthy muscles.  Water helps prevent the breakdown of muscle proteins, it increases the amount of nutrients absorbed from food, and helps prevent the dehydration that can limit performance.  
  • Dehydration is the worst!  Dehydration can lead to increased heart rate, headaches, sore muscles, confusion, and dry mouth.  This does not a happy athlete make.

Still not sold?  Well, it wouldn’t be a challenge if there wasn’t some sort of reward at the end, right?  Here’s how you get a prize:

  1. For every gallon of water you drink throughout the month of July, initial and color a box on our challenge poster.  (Note:  it took forever ever to make 1,000 boxes on this poster, so we want to see them all filled in!)
  2. At the end of the month, we will tally up our “Top 3 (H20) Drinkers” and a prize will be given to each.
  3. Also, at the end of the month, we will raffle off a separate (and super awesome) prize.  Your chances of winning increase the more water your drink, as your name will be entered once per gallon consumed. 

The 5K Rowing Challenge and the Partner Challenge were both a huge success.  Let’s go 3 for 3, COTHletes!

Happy Drinking!

Fresh Face on the Hill: Alex Kilgore

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If you’ve been attending our evening classes, you’ve surely met Alex. Alex approaches every WOD with so much fight and determination. We are stoked she has joined our community. Keep reading to learn more about our new athlete!

Alex works at and attends Northeastern University. She is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Corporate Communication and Sports Management. She is a former collegiate rower (Have you seen her on the erg? She is amazing.) and aspiring powerlifter. She hopes to compete in her first competition this winter. Alex had been interested in joining CrossFit for a while, and was excited to learn that COTH was so close. Upon reflecting on her first class, she remembers, “everyone was so welcoming and friendly, so I knew it would be a great fit!” Be sure to give Alex a “Hi!” and a high-five when you see her around!

WOD for Monday, 6/6/16

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A component of getting stronger at a given movement is the growth of the muscles involved in that movement. We are performing these DB strict presses for both training variety and hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is the cross-sectional enlargement of a muscle fiber. That growth is stimulated best when a muscle is trained with a moderate load and moderate rep range with increased time-under-tension.


OH Strict Press
Week 5: 4×10 L-sit DB Shoulder Press AHAP

Metcon (Cap 15):

For time:
DB Snatches (each arm, not alternating) 50/35#
Chest to Bar Pull-ups

WOD for Friday, 6/3/16

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Stabilizing the Hollow Position on the bar will not only improve core strength but fortify an important gymnastic position. This is a great stability workout to develop that before advancing it to the gymnastic Kip.


Hollow Body/ Gymnastic Kip Progression Series
Week 4: 5 x 30 hold:30 rest Hanging Hollow Position

Metcon (Cap 4):

1min Plank
400m Plate Carry 55/45#
20 Floor to Bar Touches (6” target)

*athletes will plank on their own time on a running clock

WOD for Thursday, 6/2/16

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What has become some-what of a classic fitness test at COTH is the 50 Burpee Box Over Test. Four minutes is a tough barrier to complete 50 but shows a great amount of work capacity, conditioning and athleticism if you can.  Your time of completion or number of burpees performed, needs to be recorded for future use.


*All %s based off 1RM Deadlift
*All sets should be performed EMOTM

Week 4:  7×5 @80% of 1RM

Metcon (Cap 4):

For time:
50 Burpee Box Overs 24/20″

*strict time cap

WOD for Wednesday, 6/1/16

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Many “Death By” workouts are typically ascending repetitions  of an exercise. In some cases you alternate between 2 exercises. In this workout 2 movements must be completed in the same minute leaving you to forced to be  competent at both to survive.


OH Strict Press: 
Week 4: 3@70%, 3@80%, 3+@90%


Death By – EMOTM:
(+1) Toes to Bar
(+1) MB Slams 20/14#
*Both performed in the same minute