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August 2016

WOD for Wednesday, 8/31/16

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Our conditioning for the day is an entirely locomotive workout. When we use the term “locomotive exercise/ movement” we are describing them as moving the entire body in a given direction compared to non locomotive movements such as burpees or squats. We enjoy programming locomotive exercises because we do it every day in our physical world anyway; pushing a stroller, carrying groceries, climbing stairs, etc.


5×3 Chin-up
*perform weighted if possible or with the least resistant band

MetCon: (Cap 20)

800m Run
600m Farmer’s Walk 50/35#
400m Run
200m Farmer’s Walk 50/35#

WOD for Tuesday, 8/30/16

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The Single Arm Bottom’s Up KB Stability Walk is a unique way to improve shoulder health through dynamic stability. Rotator Cuff strengthening exercises are great but what we also want to improve is the reactivity of those muscles as it relates to stabilizing the shoulder joints. Incorporate the core and we have one awesome exercise.

Stability / Strength:

3 Rounds:
Single Arm Bottom’s Up KB Stability walk:
*across the floor and back
*alternate arms each time across

20 Alternating Cossack Squat
Cossack Squat:

Assisted Cossack Squat:


10 Hang Clean and Press (STOH) 95/65#
10 Step Back Lunges *Bar in Front Rack 95/65#

WOD for Monday, 8/29/16

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Variance in a training program is important. That doesn’t mean that you need to change every exercise each workout. Sometimes small changes can add a nice degree of variety and provide a unique challenge for the body.

The Double Kettlebell Front Squat is a great example of that. The squat pattern, reps, and sets can all the be the same but changing the modality or using a different form of loading is a nice switch up. I find it also demands more out of the core, shoulder and upper back musculature.


5×12 Double KB Squat

MetCon: (Cap 16)

5 Rounds for time:
21 Wall Ball 20/14#
15 Burpees
9 Deadlift 225/155#

WOD for Thursday, 8/25/16

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The class begins with some accessory strength movements to work on weaknesses and fill in any gaps in our programming. Our conditioning will test the muscular of our core in two ways, flexion with the sit-ups, and stability with the loaded plate carries.


3 Rounds:
20 Renegade Rows
12 (each) Bulgarian Split Squats
10 Ring Dips

MetCon: (no cap)

200m Plate Carry 55/45#
30 Sit-ups

WOD for Wednesday, 8/24/16

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Many high rep works allow you to partition the movements. “Angie”, a classic Nasty Girl, is a chipper that does not allow you to partition repetitions. This is a true test of strength-endurance and conditioning.


Gymnastic Kipping
Look at Drill #1 and #2 at
Practice the Stop and Go Drill


For time: (Cap 20)
100 pull-ups
100 push-ups
100 sit-ups
100 squats

WOD for Tuesday, 8/23/16

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We need a well developed shoulder warm-up to handle our shoulder intensive workout. First, we are on to week 3 of our Overhead Press strength program, working in sets of 3. After that we will flip things on its head, literally, with a running and Hand Stand Push-up conditioning workout. With a total of 55 HSPUs , those who have not become efficient at the movement will still be training their shoulder strength and stability with strict standing DB Presses.


35 Dragon Flag Regressions for quality
*5 second descent
*partition reps in anyway


For Time: (Cap 18)
200m Run
10 HSPU /Strict DB Press *any weight that works for the athlete
200m Run
200m Run
…continue to 1

WOD for Monday, 8/22/16

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This is the finale of our 8 Week Front Squat. We hope that reinforcing positions and building time-under-tension with the pause squats has helped increase your overall capacity to move more weight. Good luck!


Front Squat – Week 8:
1RM Front Squat


15 Single Arm KB Swing (1.5/1pd)
15 Single Arm KB Swing
15 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20”)

WOD for Friday, 8/19/16

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The KB Stability Walk has been developed for the athlete to carry an unbalanced load in what it is now 3 different positions. A kettlebell is carried in an either a single arm overhead position, front rack position, or “suitcase” style. Today we will work on developing strength and stability with the load in each of the 3 positions.


3x Green Mile


KB Stability Walk Series:
2 laps OH
2 laps Front Rack
2 laps Suitcase

MetCon: (Cap 16)

For time:
Toes to bar
Wall Ball 20/14#

WOD for Thursday, 8/18/16

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To follow-up yesterday’s longer bodyweight workout today will be heavy and short. Are you good at both or are you an unbalanced athlete. Putting workouts like these side to side will show our weaknesses.


Dragon Flag 20 w/ 5 sec drop (performed over 5mins)

MetCon: (Cap 12)

For time:
Deadlift 315/ 235#
Strict HSPU
* Scale with 6/5/4 wall climbs