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October 2016

WOD for Tuesday, 11/01/16

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Snow and darkness is in our near future which means we will need to end the majority of our outdoor workouts. Like the groundhog, running will be hibernating in the programming journal until early Spring. Do your best to improve your “Helen” time before next year.


4xME L-Sit
*on Rings
*score is combined time
*Scaled athletes can perform support position on rings or boxes for time.
*Scaled athletes can also hold a bent knee leg raise


American KB Swing

MetCon: (Cap 16)

400m run
21 American KB Swings (1.5/1pd)
12 Pull-ups

*Scale KB Swing to Russian

WOD for Monday, 10/31/16

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It’s Halloween so it feels right to perform a “Death By” workout. If you can not complete the desired amount of repetitions of EITHER movement in the assigned minute you will not longer be able to continue. This will be a great test of strength and conditioning to start the week.

Power Clean

5x 3 Part Pause Clean ( 2”, Knee, Thigh)
5x 2 Part Pause Clean (2”, Knee)
5x 1 Part Pause Clean (Knee)

Week 1: 5×1 AHAP Power Clean
*all at the same weight)
*no starfishes
*Record number

Metcon: EMOTM – Death by (Cap 20 minutes)

“Double Jeopardy”
Odd Minutes:
1 Power Clean (155/105#) (+1 rep)

Even Minutes:
10 Wall Balls (20/14#)(+1 rep)

Penalty: 30sec plank for the beginning of each minute

*Athlete can “die” during either exercise which means they are done.

WOD for Friday, 10/28/16

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More core stability and positioning is emphasized today with the long-lever RKC plank. It is important to train the body into a stable position by driving the pelvis in neutral or posterior tilt while managing lumbar extension and rib cage flare. We are placing them at the end of the workout to develop the strength after being pre-exhasuted.


400m Run
30 OH Plate Walking Lunges

*Regress OH Lunges to a carry if you can’t go overhead


Long -Lever RKC Plank: 5rnds 30:30

The RKC Plank

WOD for Thursday, 10/27/16

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We are spicing up our strength training and working with the strengthening the Thruster. The Thruster requires many solid functional patterns to excel at them. We need a mature, deep squat with an upright torso which will allow us to keep the trajectory of the bar vertical and reduce stress on the shoulders during the press. We also need a strong core to maintain a stable spine to convert force through the floor all the way up to the shoulders. Positioning is everything.


12mins to establish 3RM Thruster
*those unable to go overhead will perform a 3RM front squat from the floor

MetCon: (Cap 8)

Sprint Chipper:
1000m Row
15 Squat Cleans 155/105#
30 Push-ups

WOD for Wednesday, 10/26/16

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Today’s MetCon is not your typical AMRAP. It is essentially intervals but without rest periods. The clock will be running continuously for 12 mins as you switch from movement to movement.
We will also be using the less visited exercises such as chin-ups and medicine ball cleans.

Stability: (12-15mins)

4 Rounds of:
1 lap Single Arm Bottom’s Up KB Stability walk: *alternate arms each time across
In-Line Bear Crawl

MetCon (AMRAP):

From 0-2mins:
ME DU’s *no scaling unless a beginner
From 2-4mins:
ME Chin-ups
From 4-6 mins:
From 6-8 mins:
ME MB Clean #20/14
From 8-10 mins:
From 10-12 mins:
ME Chin-ups

WOD for Tuesday, 10/25/16

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One thing we like to do is apply a movement that we have put through a strength cycle into a conditioning workout. We can assume that building strength with a specific exercise should improve the performance of that exercise in other settings like a MetCon especially at lighter loads. While performing higher reps at a lighter load is a different stimulus the heighten strength capacity should allow the body to move more efficiently with less stress. We will test that today with the Hang Snatch.

Strength Circuit:

5 10 second Dragon Flag Regressions
10 Single Leg RDL *each
10 Ring Row

MetCon: (Cap 15)

For time:
Hang Snatch 75/55#
Bar Hop Burpees *parallel

WOD for Monday, 10/24/16

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We begin class with some inverted gymnastic drills working up to handstand holds for time. At the heart of handstands, handstand walks, and handstand push-ups is the stability required throughout the body, which can be developed in the handstand hold. It is even believed that standing on the hands can improve strength and stability in overhead pressing and weightlifting movements.

Skill/ Stability:

5 x 10sec or 30sec or 1min Handstand Hold (10mins)

MetCon: (Cap 18)

1min ME Cal Row
-20 sec rest
1min ME Toes to Bar
-20 sec rest
1min ME Wall Balls 20/14#
-20 sec rest

WOD for Friday, 10/21/16

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At the core of expressing Work Capacity is the ability to “carry heavy loads long distances”. We will test that function with today’s MetCon in the form of a plate carry. Mix in full-body overhead pressing while developing your conditioning and you have a well rounded functional workout.


3RM weighted pull-up
5×3 w/ least amount of assistance

MetCon: (Cap 18)

“Sub Zero”
21 Push Jerk 135/95#
200m Plate Carry 45/35#
15 Push Jerk
200m Plate Carry
9 Push Jerk
200m Plate Carry

WOD for Thursday, 10/20/16

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After finalizing our Back Squat program it’s a good idea to revert back to unilateral leg strengthening exercises to lessen any compensations that were exacerbated during bilateral exercises (squatting). If you felt like you were hitting a wall with your squats reverting back to unilateral movements can often help an athlete bust through plateaus.


4×20 Walking Double KB Front Rack Lunges


“Donkey Kong”
3 Deadlifts 315/235#
3 Wall Climbs
20 MB Slams 20/14#

WOD for Wednesday, 10/19/16

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Tuesday’s workout begins with a some time spent on learning the skill and strength of the Turkish Get-up. The TGU teaches stability and strength in all corners along with balance and patterning. Multi-planar exercises are uniquely challenging and test a large gap in typical CrossFit Programming. Technique and stability is everything so take your time.


Turkish Get-up


1RM TGU (on both sides)
10mins of practice

MetCon: (Cap 20)

400m Run
20 Burpees
20 KB Swings 2/1.5pd