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January 2017

WOD for Wednesday, 2/01/17

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In our conditioning we often use intervals. They are generally repeated bouts of work and then rest. Today your max effort intervals will go without rest until the round is complete.

Strength: (10mins)

5×2 Weighted Strict Pull-up
5×2 w/ least resistant band needed

*2-3 warm-up sets prior to 5 working sets.


4 RFR: (15mins)
1min ME Cal Row
1min ME Pull-ups
1min ME Box Jumps 24/20#
1min Rest

WOD for Tuesday, 1/31/17

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Our workout will begin in teams. For seven minutes you and your team will be trying to collect as man calories on the rower as possible, each taking turns. As the calories climb on your rower your team will be staying busing performing 3 burpees together for every calories rowed. How you divide the work is up to you.

Team Warm-up:

In equaled numbered teams: (3-4 preferably)

ME Cal Row (broken up in anyway)
*every 10 calories (10,20,30,etc) the athletes not on the rower must complete 3 burpees together.
*athletes can switch at anytime but the team must keep the same order

Skill: (8mins)

Toes to Bar

Progression video:

Metcon: 170129
For time: (Cap 10)
Toes to Bar
Wall Balls 20/14#
Thrusters 75/55#

WOD for Monday, 1/30/17

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Our CrossFit Open prep continues. Today we will be testing a WOD so nice, they picked it twice. The workout “14.1” aka “11.1” is a dizzying amount of Double Unders and Power Snatches. Check out the first Open announcement video of 2014


3-Part Pause Snatch (Start, Knee, Hips)

10x 3 Part Pause Power Snatch
10x 2 Part Pause Power Snatch (Knee / Hips)
10x 1 Part Pause Power Snatch (Knee)
10x Power Snatch (Slow to Knee but no pause)

Strength: (20mins)

Power Snatch
Week 3: 3@50%, 3@60%, 3@70%, 3@80% 2×3@85% of (# from Week 1)


30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatches 75/55#

WOD for Friday, 1/27/17

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We are very accustomed to “21/15/9” MetCons. Today is a bit different. Usually, “21/15/9” workouts are short and fast couplets. We are going to double up and pair that format with a quadruplet!


Hanging Hollow Position

Skill: (6mins)

Chest to Bar

MetCon: (Cap 20)

For time:
Thruster 95/65#
Hang Power Clean
Front Squat
Chest to Bar

WOD for Thursday, 1/26/17

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It’s Week 2 of our Power Snatch Strength Program. We will lift triples and use percentages of your Snatches from last week. You’ll finish class with a high rep chipper. We hope you’ve been working on your Double Unders because they’re not going away.


3-Part Pause Snatch
10x 3 Part Pause Power Snatch
10x 2 Part Pause Power Snatch (Knee / Hips)
10x 1 Part Pause Power Snatch (Knee)
10x Power Snatch (Slow to Knee but no pause)

Strength: (20mins)

Power Snatch
Week 2: 3@50%, 3@60%, 3@70%, 3×3@80% of (# from Week 1)

MetCon: (Cap 13)

For time:
50 Cal Row
100 Double Unders / 300 Singles
150 Walking Lunges

WOD for Wednesday, 1/25/17

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Today’s MetCon is a great test of strength-endurance and amplitude. You’ll be working with higher repetitions of the Wall Ball and Med Ball Slam. This workout, however, is not a chipper. If you make it down the ladder you will have to start back at the top.

Skill: (10mins)

Handstand Push-up

Strength: (Cap 7)

Rx: 40 HSPU for time
Scaled: 15 Wall Climbs


80 Wall Balls 20/14#
40 MB Slams
60 Wall Balls
30 MB Slams
40 Wall Balls
20 MB Slams
20 Wall Balls
10 MB Slams

WOD for Tuesday, 1/24/17

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Today’s workout is in honor our King of the Hill, Sam! He did a great job creating a tough workout. We hope you can join him in suffering.

Strength: (12 mins)

4×8 (each) Barbell Stepback Lunges AHAP
*minimum 2 warm-up sets

MetCon: (Cap 16)

For time:
25 Burpees
3 Rounds of:
10 T2B
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
25 burpees.

A message from Coach Dan

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Dear Friends,

I wanted to write a short note to formally let you all know that I will be stepping down from my coaching position at CrossFit On the Hill. While it may come as a surprise to some of you, it has been a decision I’ve been mulling over for the past year or so. Different life circumstances have brought me to this decision and I feel like the timing is right for me, my family, and for the gym. If anyone would like to sit down and talk about specifics I’d love to share as nothing is a secret or private but I’ll spare you all the essay by just keeping it concise here. I’m going through a season in my life where it would be best for me to reduce my commitments and areas of responsibility so that I am no longer spread thin. This decision has nothing to do with any change in my love for COTH or coaching but rather has to do with my personal and internal wellness. My last class will be this coming Thursday at 11am.

Often times stepping down from a position means goodbye but this will not be the case. I’m going to make every effort to still be a part of the COTH community by attending events and especially by hopping into classes here and there. While I will no longer be coach, I’m excited to start a new face to our relationship as work out buddies and fellow classmates! I deeply cherish the COTH community and have expressed to Joel and the other coaches how sad it would make me to leave the community completely. While taking a break from coaching is best for me during this season of my life, taking a break from working out with and hanging out with all of you definitely is not!

Most importantly I wanted to say thank you. About four years ago I got my L1 certification from CrossFit HQ with a lot of eagerness and excitement about growing my passion for CrossFit from just working out to combining that with my desire to help others. After contacting many gyms in the Boston area, God led me to this special place in Mission Hill and looking back it makes me so glad and grateful that I ended up with all of you. Javy, the founding owner, graciously gave me a shot at being a coach and it’s been such a joy and formative part of my life.

Thanks to everyone who welcomed me warmly to the gym as a new member, intern, and then coach. Thanks to all of you who entrusted me with your workouts, goals, and fitness. Thanks to everyone who made my classes so enjoyable with your friendliness, hard work ethic, sweat, and kindness. And thank you all for committing to our community not only through fitness but through your friendship. You’re what makes COTH not just a gym but an awesome community.



WOD for Monday, 1/23/17

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We continue our Crossfit Open series with “13.2”. Some of the workouts require high technical gymnastic ability, others are heavy in load, and some are fire breathers. “13.2” isn’t either. It’s about limiting rest time to nearly no time at all as you seamlessly move from movement to movement. This is a high scoring CrossFit WOD.


12 Single Arm DB Row
1 Lap DB Waiters Walk
Plank w/ reach (20 alternating touches)

Waiters walk:

Plank w/reach:


5 Shoulder to Overhead 115/75#
10 Deadlift 115/75#
15 Box Jumps 24/20″

All other details:

WOD for Friday, 1/20/17

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Our conditioning portion of the workout is what we call a “Double Death By”. Normally in an Every Minute on the Minute workout you complete as many rounds as possible and once you can not complete a prescribed amount of work within a minute the workout is over. Today’s “Death By” you will continue on to a second movement after “dying” from the first.

Strength: (about 10mins)

4x ME Drop Set

8 EMOTM (6) strict Pull-ups


Double Death By:
EMOTM (+3) MB Cleans
– Once dead begin 2nd Death By on following minute
EMOTM (+1) Hand Release Push-up
– Once dead perform 30sec plank until class class is done