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July 2017

WOD for Tuesday, 8/1/17

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Strength: (10 mins)

4x ME Strict HSPU
*Others should regress to whichever progression they’ve made it the furthest with.

MetCon: (Cap 2o mins)

For Time:
400m Plate Carry 45/35#
-then 3 rounds of
30 Stepback Lunges (bodyweight)
50 DU’s
400m Plate Carry

We are almost to the end of our Gymnastic Inversion Program. Today we will test your strength and ability with the strict Handstand Push-up. We hope the program has allowed you to get more comfortable in the often uncomfortable positions of being inverted by practicing each week.

WOD for Monday, 7/31/17

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Strength: (20 mins)

Front Squats
Week 5:
5×3 w/ 2sec pause @90% of 5RM

MetCon: (1o mins)

10 Hang DB Snatch (R) 50/35#
10 Hang DB Snatch (L)
10 Box Jumps 30/24#

We are over half way though of our Front Squat Strength Program and your coaches have been very impressed with everyone’s improvements. Here are some characteristics of a great pause squat.
1. Keeping the bar at the highest point possible throughout the entire squat.
2. Staying in a strong active paused position, not collapsed.
3. Driving back up bar first and not letting the hips rise before the shoulders.
4. Bracing the core throughout the entire repetition.

WOD for Friday, 7/28/17

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Stability: (7 mins)

Perform in Partners:
5 Rounds (each) *10 rounds total
30 sec Hanging Knee Raise Hold weighted w/ Plate
-10sec transition


Double Death By:
EMOTM (+2) Thruster 95/65#
– Once dead begin 2nd Death By on following minute
EMOTM (+2) Hand Release Push-up
– Once dead perform 30sec plank until class class is done
*Score is total combined completed rounds.

Our conditioning portion of the workout is what we call a “Double Death By”. Normally in an Every Minute on the Minute workout you complete as many rounds as possible and once you can not complete a prescribed amount of work within a minute the workout is over. Today’s “Death By” you will continue on to a second movement after “dying” from the first.

WOD for Thursday, 7/27/17

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Strength: (10 mins)

5x ME Drop Set
*Perform a max effort set with the least resistant band possible than move up to a stronger (thicker) band each set.
*Start with the first band you know you can do a pull-up with. Move to a stronger band from there on the next 3-4 sets. This should mean you’re using the strongest band on your last set.
8 EMOTM  (6) strict Pull-ups


5 RFR:
In 2 minutes complete:
200m Run
-then ME Sit-ups (*in remaining time)
-2min Rest

Our conditioning workout is different than your average AMRAP.  Each of the 5 rounds is like a time trial. To collect any reps you must first complete a 200m Run quick enough in each 2 minute segment. Once the run (sprint) is over you must perform as many sit-ups as possible until the time is up.

WOD for Wednesday, 7/26/17

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Strength: (20 mins)

Front Squat
Week 4:

MetCon: (Cap 18 mins)

12 Overhead Squat 135/95#
200m Farmers Walk 50/35#

Our strength programming for the day is a 5RM Front Squat which is week 4 of our Front Squat cycle. Our conditioning will advance the front squat into an overhead squat. You will pair the Overhead Squat with a 200m Farmer’s Walk which are two things that have never been combined at COTH.

WOD for Tuesday, 7/25/17

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Touch & Go Power Cleans


12 minutes to establish 5RM TnG Power Clean


10 Hang Cleans 95/65#
10 Toes to Bar
– 3 min rest
15 Deadlift 95/65#
15 Burpees

Here is a rather spicy combo plate of conditioning. Instead of perform a 10min AMRAP. You will perform two 5 minute AMRAPS of completely different couplets. Your score will the be combined total of each part.

WOD for Monday, 7/24/17

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Kipping HSPU


4x 1, 3, 6, or 9 depending on level

MetCon: (12 mins)

5 Wall Climbs
50’ Weighted Walking Lunge 50/35# (held goblet style)  (25’ away from wall and back)

This is Week 4 of our Gymnastic Inversion Program. Today’s class will focus on generating power through the hips to move from the headstand position to the handstand position. This is the complete opposite movement of last week’s negative Handstand Push-up.

WOD for Friday, 7/21/17

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Skill: (15 mins)

Power Clean and Jerk

MetCon: (Cap 16 mins)

For time:
30 Cal Row
30 Clean and Jerk 135/95#
30 Toes to Bar

We are taking extra time to focus on weightlifting today. The Clean and Jerk is the second lift performed in a Weightlifting meet and is the heavier of the 2. It is the height of power and technique. Use today’s skill work to improve your form.

WOD for Thursday, 7/20/17

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Strength: (10 mins)

Beginner: 5xME Jumping Pull-up with 4 second descent.
Advanced: 5xME Strict Pull-up with 3 second descent.

MetCon: (Cap 14 mins)

“Vegas Buffet”
15 HR Push-ups
20 Russian Twists (20/14#)
25 Floor to Bar Touches
30 MB Slams 20/14#

Just like earlier this week with the HSPU’s we will prioritize the “negative” portion of the pull-up. The “negative” or eccentric portion of a movement is easier because we are biomechanic-ly stronger because of the physiology of our muscle fibers.

WOD for Wednesday, 7/19/17

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Front Squat
Week 3:
5×5 w/ 2sec pause @90% of 10RM

MetCon: (Cap 15 mins)

20 DB Goblet Step-up (50/35#)
20 DB Snatches
400m Run

The workouts starts with Week 3 of the  Front Squat program by incorporating  a pause into the movement. Pausing reduces our ability to utilize our stretch-shortening cycle and elastic rebound that our muscles provide us. Instead you will have to maximize true contractile strength after coming to a dead stop. The added time under tension also develops core endurance.