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August 2017

Meet Our New Coaches!

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Hey Cothletes! Our staff is growing and we have two new fresh faces who will be guiding you through your fitness journey! We are so pumped to be welcoming Brenton Cruisinberry and Nicholas Landiak to our coaching team! Be sure to say hello and introduce yourself next time you take their class!!

Here is some more information about our amazing new coaches!

Name: Brenton Crusinberry

Age: 22

Hometown: I grew up in Corona, CA but was stationed in Hawaii the past 3 years.

Why/how did you get started with CrossFit?: I started Crossfit while I was in the military to train for combat schools I was sent to. My desire to coach Crossfit also came from the military because I was put in the role of getting people in shape that did not meet the standard of either physical fitness and or body fat percentage. I enjoyed giving people knowledge on healthier lifestyle and movements as well as helping them achieve their own personal goals which helped translate over to Crossfit.

Favorite Workout/Crossfit movement: Any long grueling workout that makes you have to come up with a strategy as far as pacing.

Least Favorite Crossfit movement: I hate thrusters more then anything.

Favorite Cheat Meal: A big milkshake will do the trick.

Secret Talents: Sadly no

Want to see Brenton’s coaching skills in action? Join him for one of his 11:00am classes on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Can’t take a day off from work? No worries, he’ll be coaching a partner workout class on Saturday, September 2nd so mark your calendars!

Name: Nicholas Landiack

Nick likes a lot of things; team sports, fitness, coaching, hitting goals, laughter to name a few. He began his coaching journey over a decade ago in the water polo and aquatics strength training world. Early in 2013 he found CrossFit and found it the perfect fit for his competitive nature and desire for a team-oriented environment.

Nick is a Level 2 CrossFit Certified coach with a background in water polo, playing from his youth through the collegiate level at Penn State. He enjoys seeing his members learn new movements, master old ones, and exceed their expectations and goals.

Favorite Crossfit movement: Lunges and anything involving gymnastics

Least Favorite Crossfit movement: Anything that involves front rack stuff (specifically front squats)

Favorite cheat meal: Rubarb pie (but it has to be momma Landiack’s recipe!)

Secret talents: I can hold my breath for a long time! My PR is about two minutes.

You can find Nick coaching classes on Thursday nights at 5:30 and 7:00pm.

WOD for Thursday, 8/24/17

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Team Warm-up:
In equal numbered teams: (teams of 2 ideal)
Complete 2k Row
– members will switch every 200m
– Non-rowing members will hold a Wall Sit
– If there are teams of 3, One will also hang from the bar and they will rotate

MetCon: (21 mins)

Min 1: +10 DU’s / +20 Singles
Min 2: +5 Push Up
Min 3: +3 Toes to Bar

Today we switch things up with a three exercise EMOTM workout. The repetitions will ascend much like any other “Death By” workout but you will have 3 different exercises to “survive”. Once you are not able to complete the prescribed reps you will no longer be able to score rounds of that movement. You will be able to continue with the others.

WOD for Wednesday, 8/23/17

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Power Clean
Week 2: 5RM then 5 @95%, 5@90%

MetCon: (Cap 10 mins)

+1 Power Clean 135/95#
+1 Front Squat
+1 Jerk (STOH)
*Add 1 rep to each movement after each completed round

It is week 2 of our Power Clean Strength Program. You will perform a 5RM and then two “down” sets. These are sub maximal sets that increase total training volume of the lift and add extra lighter reps which can help an athlete improve their technique.

WOD for Tuesday, 8/22/17

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Stability: (8 mins)

4xME L-Sit

Skill: (6 mins)

American KB Swing

MetCon: (Cap 16 mins)

400m run
21 American KB Swings (1.5/1pd)
12 Pull-ups

Not to bum you out but we need to start re-testing some of the Nasty Girls that involve running outdoors that we already performed in the Spring and early Summer before we lose too much day light. Today it’s “Helen” so look back in your notes to April 20th to find out how you did the first time.

WOD for Monday, 8/21/17

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Strength: (20 mins)

Week 8:
1RM Front Squat

MetCon: (11 mins)

10 Hang DB Snatch “R” 50/35#
10 Hang DB Snatch “L”
15 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20”)

We are finally done with our 8 Week Front Squat Strength program. We finish by testing our 1 rep max! We hope this program has helped you improve from you previous 1RM.

WOD for Friday, 8/18/17

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Strength: (15 mins)

3 Rounds:
10 Ring Dips
10 (each) Single Leg Squat
10 (each) Single Leg RDL

MetCon: (Cap 12 mins)

Deadlift 225/155#
HSPU /  (Scaled) DB Push Press AHAP

If you’ve never performed “Diane” before it is a nasty combo of Handstand Push-ups and moderately heavy deadlifts in the classic 21-15-9 rep scheme. While body mass can assist you in the deadlifts it can slow you down in the HSPU, because  of that this is a great “equalizer” among athletes of all sizes. Since finishing our Handstand  program we wanted to apply our new strength/ skill to a MetCon.

WOD for Thursday, 8/17/17

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Skill: (15 mins)

Gymnastic Kipping

MetCon: (Cap 15 mins)

For time:
30 Cal Row
40 Weighted Step-ups 45/35# plate *can hold in anyway w/o touching neck /head
50 Sit-ups
60 Pull-ups

Now that the Pull-up Strength Program is over we think it’s the perfect time to practice and development Kipping and the Kipping Pull-up. Today we will go over the The Scap Pull-up, The Pinkie/ Thumb Drill, and the Stop and Go Drill.

WOD for Wednesday, 8/16/17

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Power Clean


Week 1: 5×1 Power Clean AHAP all at the same weight

MetCon: (12 mins)

+3 Power Cleans 95/65#
+3 Bar Hop Burpees
*(+) reps ascend each round

Let’s kick off a a brand new strength cycle with some weightlifting. We begin with the Power Clean. The Power Clean is when the bar is pulled from the floor and racked on the shoulders without having to squat. it is a great way to learn how to pull the bar with a good bar path and extend the body violently to peak the bar high enough to rack on the shoulders.

WOD for Tuesday, 8/15/17

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KB Stability Walk Series:
3 laps OH
3 laps Front Rack
3 laps Suitcase

MetCon: (Cap 20 mins)

400m MB Run 20/14#
30 MB Slams
20 Russian Twists

The KB Stability Walk has been developed for the athlete to carry an unbalanced load in what it is now 3 different positions. A kettlebell is carried in an either a single arm overhead position, front rack position, or “suitcase” style. Today we will work on developing strength and stability with the load in each of the 3 positions.

WOD for Monday, 8/14/17

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Strength: (20 mins)

Front Squat
Week 7:
5×1 w/ 2sec pause @90% of 3RM

MetCon: (Cap 15 mins)

For time:
Toes to bar
Wall Ball 20/14#

It’s the last session before retesting our Front Squat next week and maxing out.  We’ll get ready today with singles but with that 2 second pause forcing us to maintain good positions.