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February 2018

WOD for Thursday, 2/22/18

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Part A:

4 rounds; for skill work [muscle up work] A1. Hollow body rock x15-20
A2. Pull up Eccentric 3×5 second decent can be weighted or unweighted depending on ability
A3. Handstand Hold 20 sec or wall walk

Part B:

15 min AMRAP
200m Run
15x Sit Ups
12x Box Jump
3x DB Man Maker
rest 30 sec active after each set

Welcome to skill day, pre-18.1. Today we will be working on developing strength for a highly seeked gymnastic skill, the muscle up, all while we prepare for Thursday’s announcement of 18.1! Who’s ready?!
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WOD for Tuesday, 2/20/18

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Warm-Up: (5 mins)

RUNNING @80% effort
1x 200m


Tabata: Hollow Holds

MetCon: (Cap 12 mins)

100’ Bear Crawl (4x 25’ = across and back twice) (every 25’ = 5 reps)
30 DB Snatches 50/35#
*50 reps per round

I think many fitness enthusiasts look at training the core or “abs” as performing crunches or sit-ups. However, the majority of the core’s responsibility is to REMOVE movement, not create it. This is why the majority of our core stability training is with a variety of planks, side planks, and hollow holds, instead of constant flexion of the spine.

WOD for Monday, 2/19/18

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MetCon: (Cap 15 mins)

For time:
Cal Row
Thrusters 95/65#

Today is the end our CrossFit Open preparation. After today the next 5 weeks will include the new 2018 Open workouts. Enjoy “15.5” which is a heartburning amount of Thrusters and Rowing. Check out the games athletes performing it live in 2015:

WOD for Friday, 2/16/18

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Skill: (5 mins)

Double Unders

Skill: (4 mins)

For time: (Cap 4)
100 Double Unders
*No scaling

MetCon: (Cap 20 mins)

25 Wall Balls 20/14#
20 Toes to Bar
15 Power Cleans 135/95#

Today we will be working on our long time domain conditioning with a combination of various movements. Long time domain workouts are all about maintaining a pace and keeping movement as efficient as possible. Sloppy and inefficient movement will slowly break you down as the workout goes on.

WOD for Thursday, 2/15/18

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3 Rounds:
Green Mile
25 Hip Bridges

MetCon: (Cap 12 mins)

Station 1:
15/13 Cal Row

Station 2:
15 Burpees

Station 3:
15 Ring Dips

Station 4:
15 DB Snatch 50/35

We are a completely new Every Minute on the Minute style workout today. Instead of using 1 or 2 movements and performing them for 15+ minutes you will be performing 4 separate mini EMOTM workouts with 4 different movements with a 1 minute rest in between each. Your score will be how many rounds out of the 20 you were able to complete.

WOD for Wednesday, 2/14/18

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3-Part Pause Snatch (Start, Knee, Hips)

10x 3 Part Pause  Power Snatch
10x 2 Part Pause Power Snatch (Knee / Hips)
10x 1 Part Pause Power Snatch (Knee)
10x Power Snatch (Slow to Knee but no pause)

Strength: (20 mins)

Power Snatch
Week 4: 3@50%, 3@60%, 3@70%, 3@75%, 3@80%, 3@85%, 3@90% of (# from Week 1)

MetCon: (Cap 15 mins)

12 “R” Single Arm OH DB Squat 35/20#
12 “L” Single Arm OH DB Squat
12 Strict Chin-up

After continuing our Power Snatch strength program we introduce a new movement to our CrossFit programming, the single arm overhead squat. While the weight might seem light relative to a barbell over head squat there are unique challenges to stabilizing a dumbbell overhead. There is a great deal of mobility and stability involved in this movement. For those who are unable to perform them consider it a goal and accept the challenge of improving your mobility and stability.

WOD for Tuesday, 2/13/18

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Skill: (5 mins)

Strength: (8 mins)

5×10 V-ups

Skill: (5 mins)


4 RFR:
40sec ME DBall Slam
-20sec Rest
40sec ME DB Hang Squat Clean 50/35#
-20sec Rest
40sec ME Sit-ups
-20sec Rest

One thing unique about CrossFit is that they utilize dumbbell versions of all the classic barbell Olympic Lifts. Today you will learn and practice the dumbbell Hang Squat Clean. How does it compare to its barbell brother?

WOD for Monday, 2/12/18

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Strength: (1o mins)

10mins to establish a 5RM Push Press off rack

MetCon: (Cap 10 mins)

5 Shoulder to OH 115/75#
10 Deadlift
15 Box Jumps 24/20″

This week we will sample a CrossFit Open workout from 2013. In the third year of the Open CrossFit’s media really started to expand. The “Open” became a lot more exciting as they would film a live announcement of the workout with premier CrossFit athletes going head-to-head immediately after with little time to prepare. Check out the live announcement for this workout: