Rules of engagement:


Respect it!
DO NOT drop empty barbells, dumbbells or kettle bells. Clean and put away what you’ve used in respect of the person who’s going to use it next.


Respect them!
Gossip and negative talk will NOT be tolerated. Come in, do your work, and show support for others. Check your egos at the door. Once you step foot into this facility you are one with a family. If you don’t know someone’s name, learn it!


Listen to them!
We are here to guide and direct you. We WANT to see you all grow and develop. If we ask you to stop a movement, or scale weight/reps, it’s because we’re protecting you. Our goal is to keep you coming through our doors by making sure, above all else, that you are safe. Be sure to communicate with your coach about any injuries you are currently experiencing so we can substitute movements if needed.


Be on time!
Sign up! Participate! Show up consistently, and you’ll notice the results you came for.


No writing on the floor. Keep it in the chalk container.

Weight specifics:

Do not add more than 85# on a 15# barbell.
Do not drop a barbell with single 15# weights.