Fresh Face on the Hill: Cameron Fear

This month, we are honored to feature Cameron Fear as our Fresh Face on the Hill.  Cam has been a COTHlete for just 4 months, but has already become a staple of our community.  Additionally, he is fully embracing the current nutrition challenge – with all of its good feels and obstacles (What up, team “Beets Don’t Kale My Vibes!?”).  Cam is humble, hard-working, supportive, and a loyal member of the BeyHive.  We are so happy he has joined our community!

Keep reading to learn more about our new athlete!

Where do you work/go to school?

I work at with an organization called Scholar Athletes at Madison Park High School.

What brought you to COTH?

I had been wanting to try CrossFit for awhile and finally worked up the nerve to try the first class once I moved to Roxbury. Everyone has been really humble and welcoming and that’s what keeps me coming back, especially my faves in the 6AM class.

What is your favorite Crossfit movement and why?

My favorite Crossfit movement is one I can’t do yet – double unders, but I’m determined to master them soon.

Any other fun fact you want to share? (favorite sports team, food, hobby, etc)

I played rugby in college and am currently a women’s rugby coach at Brandeis University.

Be sure to give Cam a “Hi!” and a high-five when you see him around!

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