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WOD for Friday, 9/22/17

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Strength: (20 mins)

10 RM Back Squat then 10 @ 95%, 10 @90%

MetCon: (Cap 18 mins)

20 Burpee to Plate
20 Plate Floor to Overhead 45/35#
200m Plate Carry 45/35#

Today’s MetCon is a bit of a partner WOD but instead of your workout BFF your partner will be a Barbell Plate. They will be with you for burpees, the up and downs of Floor to Overheads, and long walks down the sidewalk.

WOD for Thursday, 9/21/17

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Strength: (15 mins)

3 Rounds:
20 Renegade Rows *alternating
12 Banded Face Pulls
10 (each) Single Leg RDL

MetCon: (Cap 20 mins)

20 Double Unders
20 Boulder Step-up 24/20″ /20/14#

Class starts with a strength circuit to continue to develop some of the lesser trained movements and body parts. They aren’t sexy but they help keep us safe and durable. Your Metcon is a 7 round 400+ repetition beast for you to grind your way through in under 20 minutes.

WOD for Wednesday, 9/20/17

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Strength: (15 mins)

5RM Strict Press then 5 @95%, 5@90%

MetCon: (Cap 15 mins)

“Freestyle Fran” 160921
45 Reps each for time:
Thrusters 95/65#
*Partition reps in anyway

We are borrowing a workout from CrossFit HQ. Do repetition schemes effect the length of your workout despite the workload being identical? This is a good way to find out. You will have to perform all the repetitions of “Fran” but you may partition them however you want.

WOD for Tuesday, 9/19/17

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Strength: (20 mins)

5×5 Clean Grip Deadlift

MetCon: (Cap 10 mins)

+2 Power Clean 185/125#
+2 Toes to Bar

We are going to take the strength we developed in our Power Clean program and apply it to our MetCon to see how it helps our work capacity in this ascending ladder AMRAP.

WOD for Monday, 9/18/17

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MetCon: (Cap 28 mins)

5 Rounds for time:
400m Run
30 Box Jumps 24/20″
30 Wall Balls 20/14#
*Strongly consider scaling. 1st timers should scale.

“Kelly” is a notoriously disliked Nasty Girl. Physically, it is a straight forward endurance workout. Mentally, it is just as taxing. Just focus on the round at hand and don’t get overwhelmed. If you have not performed “Kelly” before consider talking with your Coach to discuss reducing the volume of work.

WOD for Friday, 9/15/17

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MetCon: (Cap 15 mins)

For time:
DB Cleans 50/35#

Today we have a classic CrossFit pairing of gymnastics and weightlifting. Both take a good deal of skill to perform safely and quickly. The first half of class will be designated to practice and improve your Handstand Push-up and Dumbbell Power Clean

WOD for Thursday, 9/14/17

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Tabata hollow hold

Skill: (5 mins)

Gymnastic Kip

MetCon: (Cap 20 mins)

400m run
ME UB Pull-ups

“Kipping” is not flailing. We will take some time to work the hollow position and practice using horizontal force through our hips and midline to elevate us towards the bar. After that we will end the week with a Nasty Girl, “Nicole”. For twenty minutes you will alternate between 400m runs and pull-ups, but there’s a twist. Each time you come back from a run you will only be allowed to perform 1 set of unbroken pull-ups (can’t break from the bar once you’ve started). Conditioning, strength and strategy will be important today.

WOD for Wednesday, 9/13/17

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Strength: (20 mins)

Week 5: 1RM then 1@95%, 1@90%

MetCon: (Cap 15 mins)

40 Wall Balls 20/14#
20 Hang Cleans 115/85#
30 Wall Balls
15 Hang Cleans
20 Wall Balls
10 Hang Cleans

Our Power Clean strength cycle is ending and we conclude with a 1RM Power Clean! I hope your strength and skill has developed enough for a new personal record.

WOD for Monday, 9/11/17

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10mins to establish 3RM Thruster


1min ME Cal Row
1min ME DB Thrusters 35/20#
1min ME Toes to Bar
1min Rest

Let’s “thrust” ourselves in to the week with some Thrusters. We will use 2 varieties today in 2 different ways. First you’ll take 10 minutes to establish a 3 RM barbell Thruster to test and develop your power. Later you will train the Dumbbell Thruster to test and develop your strength-endurance.