WOD for Friday, 6/23/17

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Strength: (15 mins)

 5×10 (each) Barbell Stepback Lunges (off a rack)

MetCon: (Cap 15 mins)

For time:
Hang Clean (95/65)
Chest to Bar Pull-ups


Tabata Hollow Hold

We are very familiar with the traditional Crossfit 21/15/9 repetition scheme. Unfortunately for you, today you will have to go back UP the repetitions.

WOD for Thursday, 6/22/17

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4 Rounds:
10 Strict Ring Dips
20 Alternating Cossack Squat
Assisted Cossack Squat: http://youtu.be/UNRh5mR7J_w

MetCon: (AMRAP 20)

20 DB Snatch 50/35#
15 Burpee Box Jumps (not box overs)
100m Sprint

In opposition to Tuesday’s single long distant run today’s MetCon includes repeated short sprints. While the movement of running can be similar between various distances (excluding speed of the gait pattern) the energy systems involved are completely different due to the length of time in which the body has to support the work.

WOD for Wednesday, 6/21/17

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OH Strict Press
Week 6: 5@75%, 3@85%, 1+@95%

MetCon: (AMRAP 15)

20 Wall Balls 20/14#
50’ Bear Crawl
50’ Walking lunge

Our conditioning for the day is a locomotive workout. When we use the term “locomotive exercise/ movement” we are describing them as moving the entire body in a given direction compared to non locomotive movements such as burpees or squats. We enjoy programming locomotive exercises because we do it every day in our physical world anyway; pushing a stroller, carrying groceries, climbing stairs, etc.

Partner Challenge – WODs 1 & 2 Announced!

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Hi folks,

Tonight we’re announcing two of the five challenges.  Stay tuned, as we will announce a new challenge every day over the course of the next three days. We’ll kick off the first challenge by throwing it back to last year’s finals cash-in. Doesn’t look like much? Don’t let her fool ya … she’s been around the block and she’s a real heart breaker.

Our second challenge is a two part beast. A balancing act of strength and stamina.

Standards and details for each challenge are below. While you are not being judged for standards, a coach must be present for each attempt. We trust that all will play fair, abide by the honor system, and score as accurately as possible.

Have a go at it and best of luck to ya’ll!


AMRAP 5 min

500m row

ME Burpee to plate

Partner A will perform a 500m row while partner B performs ME burpee-to-plate, then switch. If partner B finishes 500m before time expires, both partners can perform ME b2p simultaneously. 

-Score is total b2p

-b2p must be front facing

-Rowers must be reset after row 1 ends


2a.1RM Backsquat total (10min cap) then…

2b. 2 min ME burpee floor to bar touches

Athletes have 10 min to establish a 1RM back squat total. Immediately after, both partners will simultaneously perform ME burpee F2B touches.

-Squat MUST break parallel

-Two separate scores 2a. Total #’s 2b. Total reps

-Burpees – chest must touch floor

-Bar touch is 6” above finger tips.

-If you’re of Yao Ming stature, have a chat with a coach for troubleshooting.

WOD for Tuesday, 6/20/17

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MetCon: (AMRAP 10)

1200m Run
ME Deadlifts 405/285#

Today’s WOD is inspired by the Trail Run / Deadlift combo of events from the CrossFit Games. It is a pairing the tests an athletes aerobic conditioning followed immediately by a heavy powerlifting movement. You are challenged to run fast enough to have time to collect reps while also conserving energy enough to lift the heavy weight.

WOD for Monday, 6/19/17

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4 Rounds:
50’ Waiter’s walk (heaviest DB possible)
15 V-Ups

MetCon: (Cap 18)

EMOTM Death By
20 Double unders
(+1) Thruster 95/65#

The class starts with two variations of stability exercises. Both are based on reducing and controlling movements which is the objective of stabilization. Our MetCon is a fire-breather called “Khaleesi”. Fire, Dragons, Double Unders, Thrusters, it all adds up.

WOD for Friday, 6/16/17

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Strength: (15 mins)

4 Rounds:
10 (each) SL RDL
20 Renegade Row

MetCon: (Cap 20)

15 Toes to Bar
400m MB Run 20/14#

We finish the week with running but this time we will take the Medicine Ball with us. Carrying the ball slows the run down and the awkward will movement will test your mental toughness and ability to keep running.

WOD for Thursday, 6/15/17

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Skill: (8 mins)

Hang Snatch

Strength: (12 mins)

5×3 Hang Snatch

MetCon: (Cap 15)

For time:
1k Row
400m Farmer’s Walk 50/35#
40 Box Over Burpees 24/20#

Our workout begins working on some weightlifting in the form of the Hang Snatch. Here are a few components of an efficient Hang Snatch.
– Driving force through the floor with the hips and legs.
– Keeping the bar close to the body.
– Maintaining a vertical trajectory of the bar.
– A fast turn over and stable receiving position.

Partner Challenge – 2017

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It’s that time of year again – time for our 2nd Annual Partner Challenges!!! This is an excellent opportunity to test your limits, show off your strengths, work on your weaknesses, and engage in some friendly competition with a buddy of your choice.

There will be FIVE (5) challenges incorporating movements that can be performed by EVERYONE – In other words, no scaled or Rx divisions. There will be one small twist: We challenge everyone to perform DU’s in one of the challenges. If you still struggle with DU’s, you have plenty of time to practice – grab a coach & get to work!

Challenges will be announced on the blog beginning on 6/19. You will have 5 weeks to complete all 5 challenges.

Partners must be of the opposite sex (No coaches – sorry!)

You have two (2) attempts MAX to complete each challenge. If you choose to make a 2nd attempt, you must submit the score from your 2nd attempt – you cannot submit the “best” score from both attempts. (Didn’t see that coming!)

More information will be released on Monday, 6/19 – Stay tuned!

$25 per team. Register on Pike13/front desk, https://coth.pike13.com/schedule#/list?dt=2017-06-24&lt=staff

1st place team: $50 account credit; 2, 2-week passes for friends and family; 2, COTH water bottles

2nd place team: $35 account credit; 2, 2-week passes for friends and family; 2, COTH water bottles

On The Hill Rowing Team

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Hey COTH-letes! Coach Carmen here!

If any of you follow me on the social medias or attend my classes, you may already know that this past weekend I spent two incredible days at Community Rowing Inc (CRI) on the Charles River (re)learning how to row and playing around on the erg! I know, I know- most of you dread rowing workouts, but rowing in a REAL racing shell with a team of seven of your friends on the infamous Charles is NOTHING like sitting on an erg rowing a 2k in the box. Even Spencer Hendel (6-times Crossfit Games Athlete) came to learn to row!

CRI has a program called the Charles River Rowing League (CRRL) where groups of people who don’t have rowing experience get together for an amazing six weeks to learn to row in an 8 person boat. On The Hill Rowing team will practice once a week for six weeks. In week 6 every team in the League gets together for a cookout and race for a medal (and of course, bragging rights!).

Here’s a quick link about what it’s like to be a part of the CRRL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyQ_7mq76U0

Sunsets Almost Always Guaranteed!

When: First practice is on Wednesday August 10th (We can change practice nights to Thursdays instead if it works for the majority!)

Where: CRI in Brighton, Ma (I can help and car pool to bring four people!)

Time: Wednesdays (or Thursdays) 6:45pm-8:15pm

Cost: $192/person for 6 practices + 1 race and BBQ. (Regular cost $240, but because we’re special, we get a little discount)

If you’re hesitant on cost, think about it this way: When else will you have the opportunity to row out of the nation’s most internationally recognized rowing club!! 9 total hours of coaching from a Master Coach comes out to be a little more than $21/hr. ALSO, I heard a rumor that Crossfit JP was planning on joining, we can we totally kick their asses ON and OFF the water. Amirite? *insert hair flip emoji here*

Every team that competes will have a chance to win the Charles River Rowing League Trophy. This prestigious cup is won by the fastest Charles River Rowing League team each year at the CRI Fall Classic Regatta in September. Teams can train together from one to three sessions throughout the year to sharpen their rowing skills and teamwork.


Here is our team page: http://pages.communityrowing.org/OnTheHill_RowingTeam.html

If you’re truly interested, please send me a message (facebook, email, text) or talk to me after class so I can have a head count BEFORE signing up. I’d like to discuss amongst ourselves which day of the week would work best!! Or if you have any questions at all, shoot me a message!! It’s first come, first serve so let me know soon!

(PS – CRI has an official “beer cart” that they bring out after each practice. They are INCREDIBLE)

Hope to see you on the water and of course, on the Hill!


Coach Carmen
Cell: 617-708-2158