WOD for Thursday, 5/11/17

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Strength Circuit:

4 Rounds:
10 (each) Half Kneeling BU KB Press https://youtu.be/d5KX27rzoyQ
20 Alternating Cossack Squat
Cossack Squat:
Assisted Cossack Squat:

MetCon: (AMRAP 15)

25’ Walking Lunge
12 Toes to Bar
25’ Walking Lunge
12 HSPU or 4 Wall Climb

Performing “Bottom’s Up” KB pressing forces us to  recruit our rotator cuff to stabilize the weight since the center of mass is not above the handle. We won’t be able to press as much as we think but our stabilizers will work hard to improve and create stronger healthier shoulders.

WOD for Wednesday, 5/10/17

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Strength: (20 mins)

Week 7

MetCon: (Cap 5)

Sprint Chipper:
20 DB Thrusters 50/35#
500m Row
50 DU’s

Today is all about power! Power is all about producing force and repeating it in a short amount of time. First we will express power with the end of our Deadlift Strength Program and performing a 1RM! Second, we apply that speed to a multi-exercise workload of Thrusters, Rowing and Double Unders. There will be little time to rest with our 5min cap. Will anyone make it?

WOD for Tuesday, 5/9/17

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Tabata Hollow Hold

Skill: Kipping (12-15 mins)

MetCon: “Nicole” (AMRAP 20)

400m Run
ME Pull-ups

Our Nasty Girl of the week is “Nicole”. Nicole takes more strategy than most workouts. Once you are unable to hold on to the bar and perform more pull-ups you must complete another 400m run to get back to the bar. Does resting longer and performing more sets work better than more sets done quicker?

Meet the Queen of the Hill for May 2017!

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We are jazzed to announce our Queen of the Hill for May 2017:  Alex Kilgore!  This month marks a year that Alex has been training at CrossFit on the Hill (Happy Fitnessversary!), and we are so lucky to call her ours.  Just last month, Alex competed in her first ever Powerlifting Competition.  Our gal PR’d her squat (297#!) and deadlift (375#!).  These incredibly accomplishments reflect the hard work she puts in, day in and day out.  She never cherry picks her workouts, is receptive to suggestions and feedback, and always supports her fellow athletes.  Alex is lovely – inside and out – and is so very deserving of the throne.  

Keep reading to learn more about the Queen!

What brought you to Boston?

I moved to Boston in August of 2014 for a job at Northeastern.

What drew you to CrossFit?

After collegiate rowing, I really missed the team aspect of working out. Lifting alone at lunch was getting pretty boring! I turned to CrossFit because I love the variety and intensity of the workouts, and the fact that I get to do them with a group of awesome people cheering one another on!

What keeps you coming back to COTH?

The people! I love the COTH community so much. Everyone is so friendly, encouraging, and just downright awesome. It’s a group I’m proud to be a part of.

Biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?

I’ve added a ton of strength and become a much more well-rounded athlete since joining COTH. I think my biggest struggle now is mastering how to breath correctly and keeping my form tight during metcons.

If you could create your own WOD, what movements would you use?

Rowing, heavy deadlifts, and maybe some dumbbell snatches for fun.

Meat head nickname (with explanation)?

Well, an old rowing buddy called me “Killer Kilgore” on my most recent CrossFit Instagram post, so I’m gonna go with that!


WOD for Monday, 5/8/17

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Strength: (20mins)

Back Squat: (Tempo 31X1) *1 minute rest
Week 1: 3×10

MetCon: (Cap 15)

For time:
Hang Clean 95/65#
Front Squat
V-up / Sit-ups

We are moving away from our Front Squat strength program and developing our Back Squat by focusing on the eccentric portion of the movement and time-under-tension. Performing movements with a tempo slower than normal is great for body control and a hypertrophic response for muscle growth which is a product of time-under-tension.

WOD for Friday, 5/5/17

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Strength: (20mins)

Week 6
3×3 @90% of Week 1

Skill: (8mins)

Some variation of the Clean / Squat/ warm-up

MetCon: AMRAP 10

1 Hang Clean (185/125#)
1 Front Squat
2 Hang Clean
2 Front Squat
3 Hang Clean
3 Front Squat
….. continued

Class begins with Week 6 of our Deadlift Strength Program. After that our MetCon will test our strength-endurance. As the workout advances so do your rep schemes. You are trying to climb the ascending ladder as high as you can with heavy Hang Cleans and Front Squats. Efficiency and strategy will be crucial.

Thanks for being the GREATEST community!

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Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I write you and share that I will be transitioning out of my role as Coach at CrossFit on the Hill.  Changes at work (positive + exciting ones!) will require a lot more of my time and energy, and it is important that I fully embrace these new responsibilities and opportunities.  I’ve been thinking about this for weeks – and have tried to figure out a way to continue doing both – but I would never want to be in a position where I couldn’t give you (or my high schoolers) the attention, dedication, and passion that is deserved.

I have loved my role as Coach at CrossFit on the Hill.  I cannot imagine that there is another community as dynamic and loving as ours, and it has been an honor to guide and support you all in your fitness journey.  But, even before that, I loved being a member/athlete.  I still remember my first CrossFit class – a Saturday morning Partner WOD with Coach Javy – and it featured Wall Balls and Burpees.  I left class that morning cursing whoever invented those “dumb” movements.  Fast forward a year, and they became (and still are) two of my favorite things to do.  It is the neat thing about what we do/what we have.

Thanks a million to everyone who supported and aided my transition from athlete to coach.  Five years ago I never would have even considered taking a CrossFit class, nevermind leading one.  It has been a super fun road, and one that I’m sad to step away from.

Thanks a trillion to the COTH community – past and present – for being such terrific people.  I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to build and foster friendships with so many of you.  You all have pushed me to be a better athlete and coach, and the lessons I’ve learned about myself – through our shared fitness journeys – are invaluable.  

So, while May 26th will be my last official day as Coach, I’m not swearing off exercise or moving away.  I will certainly be around, and look forward to sweating it out alongside of you all.  Until then, I hope to see as many of you at my May 6ams as possible!  (But, please, sign up! :))



WOD for Thursday, 5/4/17

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Strength Circuit: (20 mins)

3 Rounds:
20 Weighted Walking Lunges (DB / KB suitcase style)
10 (each) Single Arm DB Row
ME Tempo Push-ups (31X1)

MetCon: AMRAP 12

15 Wall Balls 20/14#
ME Unbroken Pull-ups

Today’s MetCon is similar to the Nasty Girl, “Nicole”. Each time you perform Pull-ups you must complete as many as you can “unbroken” or without coming off the bar. Once off the bar, instead of running, you will have to move to the wall to perform 15 Wall Balls to continue to the next set of pull-ups.

WOD for Tuesday, 5/2/17

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Skill: (8 mins)

KB Clean from Hang http://youtu.be/cPYfiwpUeSE

MetCon: (Cap 16)

10 KB Clean (2/1.5#) (from hang) (right arm)
5 KB Push Press (right arm)
20 Step-ups 24/20″ *alternating (bodyweight)
10 KB Clean (2/1.5#) (from hang) (left arm)
5 KB Push Press (left arm)
20 Step-ups 24/20” *alternating

It is no surprise that kettlebells are a popular tool for athletes to train with but there is more behind it than most would figure. They are not simply a weight with a handle. What makes them challenging and effective is that as a kettlebell moves its center of gravity is always moving in regards to its axis which is also it’s handle and your hand. Because of that your body has to constantly adjust to remain applying force to the object to direct it in which ever direction you want it to move in. Compare that to a dumbbell where the weight is nearly always balanced. Training with a KB enhances reactivity, stability, and proprioception. Today will we learn the skill of the KB Clean.