WOD for Tuesday, 11/7/17

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Strength: (8 mins)

6 Chin-ups (Strict)
*Can be weighted for elite athletes

MetCon: (Cap 20 mins)

20 Walking Boulder Lunges
20 Alternating MB Slam
20 MB Sit-up

A main differentiator between pull-ups and chin-ups is the recruitment of the bicep and lats based on hand placement. The underhand grip used in a chin-up places the bicep and lat in an advantageous position to pull making this exercise worth including in our programming.

WOD for Monday, 11/6/2017

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Strength: (20 mins)

5RM DL (must be TnG)

MetCon: (Cap 11 mins)

5 Deadlifts 315/235#
18 Wall Balls 20/14#
17 Bar Hop Burpees (parallel)

Scott “Scotty” Deem, 31, of San Antonio, Texas, was killed while responding to a four-alarm structure fire on May 18, 2017. Deem and his fellow firefighters were searching the building for survivors, but after 11 minutes, Deem sounded a Mayday call. Rescuers were unable to locate him in time.
Deem served with the San Antonio Fire Department for six years. The department is home to a non-profit CrossFit affiliate, where he worked hard to stay in peak physical health.

WOD for Friday, 11/3/17

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Skill: (10 mins)

Strength: (15 mins)

5×2 Split Jerk


45sec Wall Sit Hold (hips at parallel)
-then going immediately in to:
20 KB Swings (2/1.5pd)
30 Double Unders
30sec Rest
-Repeat 5 more times (6 total rounds)

*If you do NOT complete the 45 sec Wall Sit you can not collect reps during the AMRAP

We introduce a new component to our MetCon. Before beginning your AMRAP you will have to perform a static hold, the Wall Sit. If you are unable to complete the 45secs of the Wall Sit you are ineligible to collect any reps on that round.

WOD for Thursday, 11/2/17

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Alternating bird-dog 10x (30 sec holds) *alternating

Strength: (8 mins)

8minutes to establish 3RM weighted Chin-up

MetCon: (Cap 15 mins)

For time:
Descending Ladder from 10-1 by 1 of:
w/ 10 Air Squats between each ROUND
*workout starts w/ Air Squats

Today’s MetCon is not your average descending ladder. Before each round you will need to complete 10 Air Squats to continue. It’s a great follow up to yesterday’s barbell heavy workout.

WOD for Wednesday, 11/1/17

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Hang Squat Clean Skill:
1) Hang Muscle Clean x10 (bar)
2) Hang Power Clean x10
3) Hang Power Clean to Front Squat x10
4) Hang Squat Clean x10

Strength: (20 mins)

Hang Squat Clean
Week 2: 3@50%, 3@60%, 3@70%, 3×3@80% of (# from Week 1)

MetCon: (Cap 8 mins)

For time:
Clean and Jerk 135/95# *floor to OH except snatch

This week’s Nasty Girl is “Grace”. It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s powerful, it’s awesome. It is about your power, energy and movement efficiency to move a weight from the ground to overhead 30 times as fast as possible.

WOD for Tuesday, 10/31/17

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Strength: (15 mins)

4 rounds:
10 (each) Stepback Lunge (DB/KBs held in each hand)
10 (each) Single Arm DB Row

MetCon: (Cap 20 mins)

200m MB Run 20/14#
20 Wall Balls

There is something about carrying a Medicine Ball that completely changes running. In today’s MetCon you’ll have to run 1,000 total meters carrying your little friend. Maybe it will help keep you warm.

WOD for Monday, 10/30/17

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Stability: (6 mins)

4 x12 (each) Side Plank w/ Reach Through

MetCon: (Cap 20 mins)

40 DB Snatch 50/35#
30 Box-Overs (24/20#)
25 Toes to Bar
20 HR Push-ups

Class begins with the Side Plank with Reach Through. This variation of the Side Plank is great for really overloading the oblique. The oblique has 2 main functions; anti-lateral extension and trunk rotation. By adding the reach through to the side plank the oblique is now challenged to perform both functions.

WOD for Thursday, 10/26/17

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Strength: (15 mins)

3 Rounds:
10 (each) Single Leg RDL
20 Renegade Row
30sec (each) Side Plank

MetCon: (Cap 14 mins)

50 Double Unders/ 150 Singles
5 Deadlifts (275/195#) (+1 Deadlift each round)

Our conditioning workout is an example of training contrast. We combine the skill and speed of Double Unders with the load of moderately heavy deadlifts. How will one effect the other?

WOD for Wednesday, 10/25/17

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Skill: (10 mins)

Strength: (10 mins)

5×3 Split Jerk

MetCon: (Cap 10 mins)

10 STOH 95/65#
20 Barbell Stepback Lunges (front rack)
30 Lateral Bar Hops (off 2 feet, land 2 feet)

Class begins with working on some weightlifting skill in form of the Split Jerk. There are a few important components of a good Split Jerk:
– Maintaining a vertical torso on the dip.
– Driving the bar off of you with your legs.
– Quick feet with proper placement.