WOD for Monday, 9/11/17

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10mins to establish 3RM Thruster


1min ME Cal Row
1min ME DB Thrusters 35/20#
1min ME Toes to Bar
1min Rest

Let’s “thrust” ourselves in to the week with some Thrusters. We will use 2 varieties today in 2 different ways. First you’ll take 10 minutes to establish a 3 RM barbell Thruster to test and develop your power. Later you will train the Dumbbell Thruster to test and develop your strength-endurance.

WOD for Friday, 9/8/17

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4 Rounds:
20sec Side Plank
20sec Side Plank
20sec Rest


4x ME Ring Push-up

MetCon: (Cap 18 mins)

30 sec ME DBall Slams *assign weights accordingly
30 sec Rest
30 sec ME Cal Row *Damper at 5 for everyone
30 sec Rest
30 sec ME HSPU / HRPU
30 sec Rest

Our initial form of energy supply, ATP and creatine phosphate, is depleted rapidly. This is called the Alactic energy system. It is used for short and explosive actions generally lasting under 15 seconds and then giving way to the Glycolytic or Lactic System. To develop alactic and lactic capacity we must repeat bouts of all out effort in very short intervals with rest between those working intervals. Do your best to pass your mental barriers and apply yourself to the workout.

WOD for Thursday, 9/7/17

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Power Clean

Strength: (20 mins)

Week 4: 2RM then 2@95%, 2@90%

MetCon: (Cap 10 mins)

For time:
200m Run
21 Hang Cleans 155/115#
200m Run
15 Hang Cleans
200m Run
9 Hang Cleans

Sprints and Cleans are both “Power” based movements. Power is the ability to exert a maximal force in as short a time as possible, as in accelerating. While strength is the maximal force you can apply agains a load, power is proportional to the speed at which you can apply this maximal force.

WOD for Wednesday, 9/6/17

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Strength: (15 mins)

4 Rounds:
12 Ring Rows
10 (each) Bulgarian Split Squat

MetCon: (Cap 16 mins)

10 Wall Balls 20/14#
50 DU’s
20 Wall Balls
50 DU’s
30 Wall Balls
50 DUs
40 Wall Balls…

We start the workout with the Ring Rows. Horizontal pulling is important for our shoulder posture and to balance all the horizontal pressing  work we do (push-ups, burpees, etc). You’d be surprised how important pulling motions are to our shoulder health.

WOD for Tuesday, 9/5/17

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Strength: (15 mins)

Establish a 10 RM Push Press then 10 @ 90%, 10 @85%

MetCon: (Cap 12 mins)

10 Stepback Lunges w/ Single Arm OH DB 50/35#
10 Stepback Lunges w/ Single Arm *other hand
25 Toes to Bar

Let’s work on some high rep strength. Today your strength portion will be training the Push Press. Rather than training them to get stronger with low reps such as 5,3 or 1 we will develop strength-endurance by completing sets of 10!

WOD for Monday, 9/4/17

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MetCon: (Cap 40 mins)

For time: (Cap 40min)
“HotShots 19″
30 Air Squats / *20 air squats / 10 air Squats
19 Power Cleans 135/95# / *15 Cleans / 10 cleans
7 Strict Pull-ups / *5 / 3
400m Run/ *200m Run

“On August 31, 2013 the CrossFit community came together in Prescott, AZ to perform a memorial workout to benefit the families of 19 fallen firefighters from the Granite Mountain Hotshots.

Nineteen members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots firefighting team tragically lost their lives on June 30, 2013 while fighting a fire in Yarnell, AZ.

WOD for Friday, 9/1/17

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*I’m really assigning this as a guided practice and to help athletes find what weight they should use for the MetCon

MetCon: (Cap 20 mins)

“Nancy” (compare to 4/24/17)
5 RFT:
400m Run
15 OHS 95/65#

This week’s Nasty Girl is “Nancy” which is a repeat from April 24th. For 5 rounds you will need to complete a 400m run and 15 overhead squats. At first it doesn’t seem too bad but as the rounds add up your breathing, core and shoulders get taxed and what seemed to be a light squat gets much harder.

WOD for Thursday, 8/31/17

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4 Rounds:
20 Hip Bridge


Complete 4 Rounds of the following:
Station 1:
In 1 minute complete 10/8 Cal Row then ME Wall Balls 20/14#
-Rest 1minute
Station 2:
In 1 minute complete 10 Box Overs 24/20” then ME DB Snatches 50/35#
-Rest 1 minute
Station 3:
In 1 minute complete 10 Push-ups then ME Sit-ups
-Rest 1 minute
*Score is combined Wall Balls / Snatches / Sit-ups

Prone Shoulder Taps are an excellent shoulder, hips, and core stability exercise. These are included prior to or in-between many of my clients’ strength circuits. The are particularly valuable preceding shoulder dominant exercises like benching. The goal here is not to move quickly but rather slow down your taps and show complete control of your body. Be sure to keep your hips as still as possible as they will want to rise and twist.

WOD for Wednesday, 8/30/17

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Strength: (12 mins)

3 Rounds:
20 Overhead Walking Lunges (KB or DB) sets must be unbroken
10 Ring Dips

MetCon: (Cap 24 mins)

20 Push Press 95/65#
800m Run

We are stretching out the runs during today’s MetCon. Pacing for 800m runs is much different than the shorter sprints. Combine that with an overhead weightlifting movement and you have a difficult dynamic workout of strength and conditioning.

WOD for Tuesday, 8/29/17

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Power Clean

Strength: (20 mins)

Week 3: 3RM then 3 @95%, 3@90%

MetCon: (Cap 15 mins)

For time: Descending Ladder from (10-1) of:
Deadlifts 225/155#
Toes to Bar

We start by advancing our Power Clean strength program with heavy triples. After that our MetCon is a classic CrossFit combination of weight lifting and gymnastics at a quick pace.