Meet the Queen of the Hill for May 2017!

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We are jazzed to announce our Queen of the Hill for May 2017:  Alex Kilgore!  This month marks a year that Alex has been training at CrossFit on the Hill (Happy Fitnessversary!), and we are so lucky to call her ours.  Just last month, Alex competed in her first ever Powerlifting Competition.  Our gal PR’d her squat (297#!) and deadlift (375#!).  These incredibly accomplishments reflect the hard work she puts in, day in and day out.  She never cherry picks her workouts, is receptive to suggestions and feedback, and always supports her fellow athletes.  Alex is lovely – inside and out – and is so very deserving of the throne.  

Keep reading to learn more about the Queen!

What brought you to Boston?

I moved to Boston in August of 2014 for a job at Northeastern.

What drew you to CrossFit?

After collegiate rowing, I really missed the team aspect of working out. Lifting alone at lunch was getting pretty boring! I turned to CrossFit because I love the variety and intensity of the workouts, and the fact that I get to do them with a group of awesome people cheering one another on!

What keeps you coming back to COTH?

The people! I love the COTH community so much. Everyone is so friendly, encouraging, and just downright awesome. It’s a group I’m proud to be a part of.

Biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?

I’ve added a ton of strength and become a much more well-rounded athlete since joining COTH. I think my biggest struggle now is mastering how to breath correctly and keeping my form tight during metcons.

If you could create your own WOD, what movements would you use?

Rowing, heavy deadlifts, and maybe some dumbbell snatches for fun.

Meat head nickname (with explanation)?

Well, an old rowing buddy called me “Killer Kilgore” on my most recent CrossFit Instagram post, so I’m gonna go with that!


Thanks for being the GREATEST community!

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Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I write you and share that I will be transitioning out of my role as Coach at CrossFit on the Hill.  Changes at work (positive + exciting ones!) will require a lot more of my time and energy, and it is important that I fully embrace these new responsibilities and opportunities.  I’ve been thinking about this for weeks – and have tried to figure out a way to continue doing both – but I would never want to be in a position where I couldn’t give you (or my high schoolers) the attention, dedication, and passion that is deserved.

I have loved my role as Coach at CrossFit on the Hill.  I cannot imagine that there is another community as dynamic and loving as ours, and it has been an honor to guide and support you all in your fitness journey.  But, even before that, I loved being a member/athlete.  I still remember my first CrossFit class – a Saturday morning Partner WOD with Coach Javy – and it featured Wall Balls and Burpees.  I left class that morning cursing whoever invented those “dumb” movements.  Fast forward a year, and they became (and still are) two of my favorite things to do.  It is the neat thing about what we do/what we have.

Thanks a million to everyone who supported and aided my transition from athlete to coach.  Five years ago I never would have even considered taking a CrossFit class, nevermind leading one.  It has been a super fun road, and one that I’m sad to step away from.

Thanks a trillion to the COTH community – past and present – for being such terrific people.  I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to build and foster friendships with so many of you.  You all have pushed me to be a better athlete and coach, and the lessons I’ve learned about myself – through our shared fitness journeys – are invaluable.  

So, while May 26th will be my last official day as Coach, I’m not swearing off exercise or moving away.  I will certainly be around, and look forward to sweating it out alongside of you all.  Until then, I hope to see as many of you at my May 6ams as possible!  (But, please, sign up! :))



Yoga plans, prices and info

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Looks like this past Sunday’s class was a huge hit! We had over 20 members participate and by the looks of things, their were some very happy campers (we’re talking about you Neil)!

Wanted to share the pricing structure and dates/times which we’ll be hosting Yoga on the hill for those who are interested in signing up.

Sunday’s at 10:30am
Monday’s at 7am

Thursday evenings are currently in the works, as we look to expand class offerings and gain interest. Please find class pack options and pricing information below.

Class Passes
$20/month for Members
$30/month for Non-Members

Class Packs
$15 – 1 class
$40 – 5 classes
$70 – 10 classes

If you’re interested in signing up, let a coach know, or you can access these prices and checkout through Front Desk. Any other questions can be directed to

See you at the box!

Meet the King of the Hill for April 2017!

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We are so thrilled to announce Nick Preiss as our King of the Hill for April!  We are fortunate to be such an integral part of Nick’s life in Boston.  When he isn’t studying (our boy is wicked smaht!),  Nick can often be found at the box, usually doing something ferocious and superhero-like with his partner-in-crime (and competitions!), Derek.  And, in between rounds and reps, if the tunes are right, you’ll see Nick bust out some of his sick dance moves!  We are so lucky to be able to call Nick family, and so happy to honor him this month!

Keep reading to learn more about Nick!

What brought you to Boston?

I came to Boston in 2012 to pursue undergraduate studies at Northeastern University.

What drew you to CrossFit?

I started doing some CrossFit style workouts during track in high school to help develop explosiveness. Once I got to college CrossFit gradually became my staple competitive outlet.

What keeps you coming back to COTH?

Joel’s sexy face;)

In all seriousness, it’s a real pleasure to combine athletic and social endeavors daily. The environment at COTH provides an incredible catalyst for forging new friendships and promoting physical improvement. There is no shortage of advice, motivation or camaraderie, and you will always be held accountable to your potential both on and off the floor.

When I started at COTH my middler year at Northeastern (yeah we are weird and do five years of undergrad) I hadn’t really settled into Boston. The community at COTH helped immensely with helping me settle in. I can honestly say that when I leave Boston COTH will be one of the things I miss most, if not THE most.

Biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?

Gymnastic movements have always been my Achilles heel.  I still struggle a lot with ring muscle-ups and HSPU- and who uses a single leg to do squats? We have two legs for a reason. I have been incorporating these movements into my training two or three times a week each and am seeing improvement as of late.

I think my olympic lifts have improved most. A year ago I did a competition and I couldn’t hit a 135# snatch during the workout, that situation has since been remedied.

If you could create your own WOD, what movements would you use?

Running, rowing, powercleans, KB swings (american).

Meat head nickname (with explanation)?

Guns Thunderbuns- It’s not my nickname, I just want it to be a thing. I don’t care if we give it to someone else but I think someone should get it.


Yoga’s back on the Hill

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How’s your front squat coming along? Trouble keeping your heels on the ground? Is Coach Oz always telling you to drive your elbows up? (“Ughhh, I’m tryinggg”) How ‘bout them deadlifts? Find yourself struggling to hit that solid starting position because your hammies are oh-so-tight? Did you get “NO REP’d” in the Open because you couldn’t break parallel? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, yo-ga to improve your Range Of Motion! See what I did there 😉

While we typically demand speed, intensity, and explosive movement out of you guys, we’re now encouraging you to slow things down every Sunday and Monday morning at our NEW Yoga Class!

Attend our FIRST week of YOGA classes fo’ FREE!!! Starting THIS SUNDAY, April 9th, our regular schedule will now include YOGA class every Sunday morning @ 10:30 & every Monday morning @ 7. Pricing to follow will be addressed in a later post.

Please be sure to welcome the newest member of our staff, Ellen, who will lead these classes every week. We are lucky to have her! Read on to learn more about Ellen:

“Ellen came to yoga in 2011 after experiencing a knee injury sustained during a daily run. With running impossible and eventually walking becoming painful, a friend suggested yoga to strengthen muscles around the knee, and also as a form of activating and energizing her body. That first practice opened her eyes to all that yoga offers—a way to strengthen the body, to draw attention inward, and to steady
the mind. She credits her Forrest- and Vinyasa-based teachers for helping her to develop a near-daily practice that is based on the fundamentals of alignment and acceptance of the moment.

Through yoga, Ellen has also discovered the life within breath. Living fully within each inhale, each exhale and the spaces between—that is her basis of yoga. Ellen’s classes bring focus to the breath, whether it is during a Vinyasa flow, a restorative sequence or a seated meditation. As long as we have breath, we have all that yoga offers within us.

Ellen obtained her RYT certification through the Boston Yoga School in 2014 under the direction of Ame Wren and Yin Yoga training in 2015 with Josh Summers.”

Fresh Face on the Hill: Arnee Martin

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This month, we are excited to feature Arnee Martin as our Fresh Face on the Hill.  Arnee has been sweatin’ it out with us for three months, and we love seeing her tackle each workout with determination and intensity.  In addition to puttin’ in work at the gym, she is also participating in our current nutrition challenge!  We love that she has embraced all aspects of our community!

Keep reading to learn more about our new athlete!

Where do you work/go to school?

I work at Ivy Street School in Brookline and go to school at Lesley University for a MEd in Teacher of Visual Arts, PreK-8th.

What brought you to COTH?

I was looking for a new gym to join and my friend suggested that I join her at Crossfit. I’ve always been interested in weightlifting, but never had the opportunity to join a program or class I felt comfortable to continue participating. I think diversity in communities is really important and I saw that at COTH.

What is your favorite CrossFit movement and why?

HAHA! Wallballs, they’re just fun. IDK why. I feel accomplished when I’m able to continuously get the ball high.

Any other fun fact you want to share? (favorite sports team, food, hobby, etc)

I love yoga too!!! Favorite foods are southern or Asian. Hobbies are photography and teaching myself Spanish.

Be sure to give Arnee a “Hi!” and a high-five when you see her around!


Member survey; Help us, help you!

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We at Crossfit on the Hill would like to thank all members — past and present — for allowing us to serve your fitness needs! In an effort to improve our services, we’d like for you to participate in an online 10 minute survey.

This survey will help us better help you and any potential members/workhorses in the future.

Best regards,
COTH Staff

Fresh Face on the Hill: Cameron Fear

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This month, we are honored to feature Cameron Fear as our Fresh Face on the Hill.  Cam has been a COTHlete for just 4 months, but has already become a staple of our community.  Additionally, he is fully embracing the current nutrition challenge – with all of its good feels and obstacles (What up, team “Beets Don’t Kale My Vibes!?”).  Cam is humble, hard-working, supportive, and a loyal member of the BeyHive.  We are so happy he has joined our community!

Keep reading to learn more about our new athlete!

Where do you work/go to school?

I work at with an organization called Scholar Athletes at Madison Park High School.

What brought you to COTH?

I had been wanting to try CrossFit for awhile and finally worked up the nerve to try the first class once I moved to Roxbury. Everyone has been really humble and welcoming and that’s what keeps me coming back, especially my faves in the 6AM class.

What is your favorite Crossfit movement and why?

My favorite Crossfit movement is one I can’t do yet – double unders, but I’m determined to master them soon.

Any other fun fact you want to share? (favorite sports team, food, hobby, etc)

I played rugby in college and am currently a women’s rugby coach at Brandeis University.

Be sure to give Cam a “Hi!” and a high-five when you see him around!

Meet the Queen of the Hill for February 2017!

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We are excited to announce that Amanda Weinberger is our Queen of the Hill for February!  Amanda has been a member of our community for over two years.  When she isn’t crushing WODs at COTH, she is juggling (and meeting!) the demands of a student-athlete at Wentworth Institute of Technology.  We’ve been fortunate to be part of Amanda’s fitness journey during her off-seasons, and are so pumped every time she returns to us.  Amanda shows up everyday ready to work and eager to learn.  She faces her weaknesses head on, and continues to improve upon her strengths.  If you’ve taken class with Amanda recently, then you’ve probably seen her latest challenge:  max effort pull-ups following every MetCon.  That’s right, regardless of how physically (or emotionally) taxing the WOD may be, Amanda will hop on the rig and challenge herself to perform more pull-ups than she did the day before.  Her drive and hunger are awesome to watch and infectious when you’re nearby.  We are so lucky to have her as part of our family!

Keep reading to learn more about Amanda!

What brought you to Boston?
Wentworth brought me to Boston, it has my major and I was able to play soccer for a few more years.
What drew you to CrossFit?
I started CrossFit because it seemed like the obvious next step for me. I have always worked out, lifting in gyms and doing stuff for soccer. But I needed something to keep me going during the winter when I have zero motivation to workout because of the cold. A few people had recommended CrossFit to me and we didn’t have it in my hometown so I thought Boston would be a good place to try it.
What keeps you coming back to COTH?
I keep coming back to COTH because it is close and convenient, I love CrossFit, and its like a little family. It doesn’t matter how long I leave for, whenever I come back everyone welcomes me like I haven’t left.
Biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?
My biggest improvements have definitely been my flexibility. When I first started coming 4 years ago I could not squat properly because of the lack of flexibility in my hips and ankles. I still struggle with a lot of movements overhead and that is my biggest pain point, but overall I have improved so much and for that I am so thankful.
If you could create your own WOD, what movements would you use?
WOD: Amanda 2.0 (since Amanda is already one of the nasty girls)
AMRAP 20 mins
20 box jumps
10 front squats
10 strict pull ups
5 hand stand push ups
Meat head nickname (with explanation)?
I think my meathead nickname would be A-train. I was on a volleyball team out in Cali and they came up with that when I was hitting killer serves. Idk if thats meathead enough but thats all I got.