Canceling yoga classes

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We’re sorry to announce that we will no longer be providing yoga on the hill for the remainder of the summer. We will be revisiting our schedule for the fall soon and making a decision on how to re-incorporate yoga on the hill.

As of today, all yoga memberships will be ended. If you’ve purchased a class pass, please reach out to us at regarding a refund.

Thanks and best,
-Joel & COTH Staff

Joe Laviano, King of the Hill for July, 2017

Meet the King of the Hill for July 2017!

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Sound the horns! Ladies and gents, we’re pleased to announce to you the King of the Hill for July – 2017, Joe Laviano!

Making Joe the King is long overdue. Joe began his Crossfit journey with us a few years ago with his girlfriend — another beloved lady workhorse of our community — Emily. Ever since then, his hard work and commitment to learning has paid off as he’s made significant strides at COTH. Joe is one of the few people we know that can inhale a chipotle burrito for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and still stay fit!

Keep reading to learn more about the new King!

What drew you to CrossFit?
I’ve always wanted to try Crossfit, but was super skeptical and never pulled the trigger. My girlfriend (and former COTH queen) Emily brought me to the COTH Christmas party in 2015; I was instantly hooked, she got me a trial membership as a gift, and I’ve been stuck here ever since!

What keeps you coming back to COTH?
For starters, I’m insanely competitive and love beating my old times (and Josh) day after day. The progress I’ve made in a year alone has allowed me to #BeBetter and always come back for more. Above all that, though, COTH has some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my life. Everyone’s energy fuels me to push through every workout and have a ton of fun along the way. I’ll even have the pleasure of moving in with two fellow COTHletes in September!

Biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?
I’m a big fan of the more technical movements, so that’s where I think I’ve seen most of my improvement. My clean and snatch have both DOUBLED since I’ve started here, and I’m always working on new skills (double unders, handstand walks, muscle-ups) and getting better every day.

I’ll keep my struggles to three words: WALLBALLS, WALLBALLS, WALLBALLS.

If you could create your own WOD, what movements would you use?
My favorite workouts are either short & heavy barbell movements or longer bodyweight AMRAPs. My wildest dreams revolve around a 20 minute HSPU/Bar Muscle Up/Burpee workout, but also wouldn’t mind a barbell complex or something similar.

Meat head nickname (with explanation)?
I force all my partners on Saturday workouts to go by “Burpees and Burritos” on the board, even though they both apply to just me. I’m always in the market for a new nickname, though, so I’m up for any suggestions.

Partner Challenge – WODs 1 & 2 Announced!

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Hi folks,

Tonight we’re announcing two of the five challenges.  Stay tuned, as we will announce a new challenge every day over the course of the next three days. We’ll kick off the first challenge by throwing it back to last year’s finals cash-in. Doesn’t look like much? Don’t let her fool ya … she’s been around the block and she’s a real heart breaker.

Our second challenge is a two part beast. A balancing act of strength and stamina.

Standards and details for each challenge are below. While you are not being judged for standards, a coach must be present for each attempt. We trust that all will play fair, abide by the honor system, and score as accurately as possible.

Have a go at it and best of luck to ya’ll!


AMRAP 5 min

500m row

ME Burpee to plate

Partner A will perform a 500m row while partner B performs ME burpee-to-plate, then switch. If partner B finishes 500m before time expires, both partners can perform ME b2p simultaneously. 

-Score is total b2p

-b2p must be front facing

-Rowers must be reset after row 1 ends


2a.1RM Backsquat total (10min cap) then…

2b. 2 min ME burpee floor to bar touches

Athletes have 10 min to establish a 1RM back squat total. Immediately after, both partners will simultaneously perform ME burpee F2B touches.

-Squat MUST break parallel

-Two separate scores 2a. Total #’s 2b. Total reps

-Burpees – chest must touch floor

-Bar touch is 6” above finger tips.

-If you’re of Yao Ming stature, have a chat with a coach for troubleshooting.

Partner Challenge – 2017

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It’s that time of year again – time for our 2nd Annual Partner Challenges!!! This is an excellent opportunity to test your limits, show off your strengths, work on your weaknesses, and engage in some friendly competition with a buddy of your choice.

There will be FIVE (5) challenges incorporating movements that can be performed by EVERYONE – In other words, no scaled or Rx divisions. There will be one small twist: We challenge everyone to perform DU’s in one of the challenges. If you still struggle with DU’s, you have plenty of time to practice – grab a coach & get to work!

Challenges will be announced on the blog beginning on 6/19. You will have 5 weeks to complete all 5 challenges.

Partners must be of the opposite sex (No coaches – sorry!)

You have two (2) attempts MAX to complete each challenge. If you choose to make a 2nd attempt, you must submit the score from your 2nd attempt – you cannot submit the “best” score from both attempts. (Didn’t see that coming!)

More information will be released on Monday, 6/19 – Stay tuned!

$25 per team. Register on Pike13/front desk,

1st place team: $50 account credit; 2, 2-week passes for friends and family; 2, COTH water bottles

2nd place team: $35 account credit; 2, 2-week passes for friends and family; 2, COTH water bottles

On The Hill Rowing Team

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Hey COTH-letes! Coach Carmen here!

If any of you follow me on the social medias or attend my classes, you may already know that this past weekend I spent two incredible days at Community Rowing Inc (CRI) on the Charles River (re)learning how to row and playing around on the erg! I know, I know- most of you dread rowing workouts, but rowing in a REAL racing shell with a team of seven of your friends on the infamous Charles is NOTHING like sitting on an erg rowing a 2k in the box. Even Spencer Hendel (6-times Crossfit Games Athlete) came to learn to row!

CRI has a program called the Charles River Rowing League (CRRL) where groups of people who don’t have rowing experience get together for an amazing six weeks to learn to row in an 8 person boat. On The Hill Rowing team will practice once a week for six weeks. In week 6 every team in the League gets together for a cookout and race for a medal (and of course, bragging rights!).

Here’s a quick link about what it’s like to be a part of the CRRL:

Sunsets Almost Always Guaranteed!

When: First practice is on Wednesday August 10th (We can change practice nights to Thursdays instead if it works for the majority!)

Where: CRI in Brighton, Ma (I can help and car pool to bring four people!)

Time: Wednesdays (or Thursdays) 6:45pm-8:15pm

Cost: $192/person for 6 practices + 1 race and BBQ. (Regular cost $240, but because we’re special, we get a little discount)

If you’re hesitant on cost, think about it this way: When else will you have the opportunity to row out of the nation’s most internationally recognized rowing club!! 9 total hours of coaching from a Master Coach comes out to be a little more than $21/hr. ALSO, I heard a rumor that Crossfit JP was planning on joining, we can we totally kick their asses ON and OFF the water. Amirite? *insert hair flip emoji here*

Every team that competes will have a chance to win the Charles River Rowing League Trophy. This prestigious cup is won by the fastest Charles River Rowing League team each year at the CRI Fall Classic Regatta in September. Teams can train together from one to three sessions throughout the year to sharpen their rowing skills and teamwork.


Here is our team page:

If you’re truly interested, please send me a message (facebook, email, text) or talk to me after class so I can have a head count BEFORE signing up. I’d like to discuss amongst ourselves which day of the week would work best!! Or if you have any questions at all, shoot me a message!! It’s first come, first serve so let me know soon!

(PS – CRI has an official “beer cart” that they bring out after each practice. They are INCREDIBLE)

Hope to see you on the water and of course, on the Hill!


Coach Carmen
Cell: 617-708-2158

Meet the Queen of the Hill for June 2017!

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Two queens in a row? We just had to! Welcome us in graciously proclaiming our new Queen of the Hill for June – 2017: Colleen McDonald!

If you’ve come across Colleen, you’ll easily see why she was chosen as QOTH. Colleen has an addicting, positive attitude and constantly shows up ready to put in hard work! She’s come a long way since joining our community a year ago.

Aside from being the Queen, Colleen is also a RN at Boston Children’s Hospital, so you can say she’s a bit of a superhero as well!

Keep reading to learn more about the Queen!

What drew you to CrossFit?
Growing up, I was apart of many soccer teams and track teams. I was so used to the team atmosphere that going to the gym and working out on my own was boring. After graduating nursing school and starting a new career, I felt like something was missing. I had always been interested in the idea of CrossFit but I never had the nerve to actually try it. Carmen and another one of our nursing friends convinced me to go to a Saturday partner WOD and I have been hooked ever since.

What keeps you coming back to COTH?
I know everyone says this but it is the community that keeps me coming back. The coaches and members bring out the best in everyone that steps inside that box. The encouragement, motivation, and friendships are unlike any gym I have ever been to.

Biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?
My biggest improvement also happens to be my biggest struggle – pull ups. I’m pretty sure when I first started I was using every single colored band at once just to do a pull up. It took about 8 months until I was able to finally get my first strict pull up. They are still a work in progress but they’ve come a long way since I first started.

If you could create your own WOD, what movements would you use?
Wallballs, DUs, box jumps, maybe some running

Meat head nickname (with explanation)?
I don’t actually have a meat head nickname. My family and friends call me leeny so sometimes you will hear Joel call me “Leenz”, “Leen cuisine”, “Leen meat”, or “Torta-Leeny”.

Meet the Queen of the Hill for May 2017!

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We are jazzed to announce our Queen of the Hill for May 2017:  Alex Kilgore!  This month marks a year that Alex has been training at CrossFit on the Hill (Happy Fitnessversary!), and we are so lucky to call her ours.  Just last month, Alex competed in her first ever Powerlifting Competition.  Our gal PR’d her squat (297#!) and deadlift (375#!).  These incredibly accomplishments reflect the hard work she puts in, day in and day out.  She never cherry picks her workouts, is receptive to suggestions and feedback, and always supports her fellow athletes.  Alex is lovely – inside and out – and is so very deserving of the throne.  

Keep reading to learn more about the Queen!

What brought you to Boston?

I moved to Boston in August of 2014 for a job at Northeastern.

What drew you to CrossFit?

After collegiate rowing, I really missed the team aspect of working out. Lifting alone at lunch was getting pretty boring! I turned to CrossFit because I love the variety and intensity of the workouts, and the fact that I get to do them with a group of awesome people cheering one another on!

What keeps you coming back to COTH?

The people! I love the COTH community so much. Everyone is so friendly, encouraging, and just downright awesome. It’s a group I’m proud to be a part of.

Biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?

I’ve added a ton of strength and become a much more well-rounded athlete since joining COTH. I think my biggest struggle now is mastering how to breath correctly and keeping my form tight during metcons.

If you could create your own WOD, what movements would you use?

Rowing, heavy deadlifts, and maybe some dumbbell snatches for fun.

Meat head nickname (with explanation)?

Well, an old rowing buddy called me “Killer Kilgore” on my most recent CrossFit Instagram post, so I’m gonna go with that!


Thanks for being the GREATEST community!

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Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I write you and share that I will be transitioning out of my role as Coach at CrossFit on the Hill.  Changes at work (positive + exciting ones!) will require a lot more of my time and energy, and it is important that I fully embrace these new responsibilities and opportunities.  I’ve been thinking about this for weeks – and have tried to figure out a way to continue doing both – but I would never want to be in a position where I couldn’t give you (or my high schoolers) the attention, dedication, and passion that is deserved.

I have loved my role as Coach at CrossFit on the Hill.  I cannot imagine that there is another community as dynamic and loving as ours, and it has been an honor to guide and support you all in your fitness journey.  But, even before that, I loved being a member/athlete.  I still remember my first CrossFit class – a Saturday morning Partner WOD with Coach Javy – and it featured Wall Balls and Burpees.  I left class that morning cursing whoever invented those “dumb” movements.  Fast forward a year, and they became (and still are) two of my favorite things to do.  It is the neat thing about what we do/what we have.

Thanks a million to everyone who supported and aided my transition from athlete to coach.  Five years ago I never would have even considered taking a CrossFit class, nevermind leading one.  It has been a super fun road, and one that I’m sad to step away from.

Thanks a trillion to the COTH community – past and present – for being such terrific people.  I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to build and foster friendships with so many of you.  You all have pushed me to be a better athlete and coach, and the lessons I’ve learned about myself – through our shared fitness journeys – are invaluable.  

So, while May 26th will be my last official day as Coach, I’m not swearing off exercise or moving away.  I will certainly be around, and look forward to sweating it out alongside of you all.  Until then, I hope to see as many of you at my May 6ams as possible!  (But, please, sign up! :))



Yoga plans, prices and info

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Looks like this past Sunday’s class was a huge hit! We had over 20 members participate and by the looks of things, their were some very happy campers (we’re talking about you Neil)!

Wanted to share the pricing structure and dates/times which we’ll be hosting Yoga on the hill for those who are interested in signing up.

Sunday’s at 10:30am
Monday’s at 7am

Thursday evenings are currently in the works, as we look to expand class offerings and gain interest. Please find class pack options and pricing information below.

Class Passes
$20/month for Members
$30/month for Non-Members

Class Packs
$15 – 1 class
$40 – 5 classes
$70 – 10 classes

If you’re interested in signing up, let a coach know, or you can access these prices and checkout through Front Desk. Any other questions can be directed to

See you at the box!

Meet the King of the Hill for April 2017!

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We are so thrilled to announce Nick Preiss as our King of the Hill for April!  We are fortunate to be such an integral part of Nick’s life in Boston.  When he isn’t studying (our boy is wicked smaht!),  Nick can often be found at the box, usually doing something ferocious and superhero-like with his partner-in-crime (and competitions!), Derek.  And, in between rounds and reps, if the tunes are right, you’ll see Nick bust out some of his sick dance moves!  We are so lucky to be able to call Nick family, and so happy to honor him this month!

Keep reading to learn more about Nick!

What brought you to Boston?

I came to Boston in 2012 to pursue undergraduate studies at Northeastern University.

What drew you to CrossFit?

I started doing some CrossFit style workouts during track in high school to help develop explosiveness. Once I got to college CrossFit gradually became my staple competitive outlet.

What keeps you coming back to COTH?

Joel’s sexy face;)

In all seriousness, it’s a real pleasure to combine athletic and social endeavors daily. The environment at COTH provides an incredible catalyst for forging new friendships and promoting physical improvement. There is no shortage of advice, motivation or camaraderie, and you will always be held accountable to your potential both on and off the floor.

When I started at COTH my middler year at Northeastern (yeah we are weird and do five years of undergrad) I hadn’t really settled into Boston. The community at COTH helped immensely with helping me settle in. I can honestly say that when I leave Boston COTH will be one of the things I miss most, if not THE most.

Biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?

Gymnastic movements have always been my Achilles heel.  I still struggle a lot with ring muscle-ups and HSPU- and who uses a single leg to do squats? We have two legs for a reason. I have been incorporating these movements into my training two or three times a week each and am seeing improvement as of late.

I think my olympic lifts have improved most. A year ago I did a competition and I couldn’t hit a 135# snatch during the workout, that situation has since been remedied.

If you could create your own WOD, what movements would you use?

Running, rowing, powercleans, KB swings (american).

Meat head nickname (with explanation)?

Guns Thunderbuns- It’s not my nickname, I just want it to be a thing. I don’t care if we give it to someone else but I think someone should get it.