Partner Challenge – WODs 1 & 2 Announced!

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Hi folks,

Tonight we’re announcing two of the five challenges.  Stay tuned, as we will announce a new challenge every day over the course of the next three days. We’ll kick off the first challenge by throwing it back to last year’s finals cash-in. Doesn’t look like much? Don’t let her fool ya … she’s been around the block and she’s a real heart breaker.

Our second challenge is a two part beast. A balancing act of strength and stamina.

Standards and details for each challenge are below. While you are not being judged for standards, a coach must be present for each attempt. We trust that all will play fair, abide by the honor system, and score as accurately as possible.

Have a go at it and best of luck to ya’ll!


AMRAP 5 min

500m row

ME Burpee to plate

Partner A will perform a 500m row while partner B performs ME burpee-to-plate, then switch. If partner B finishes 500m before time expires, both partners can perform ME b2p simultaneously. 

-Score is total b2p

-b2p must be front facing

-Rowers must be reset after row 1 ends


2a.1RM Backsquat total (10min cap) then…

2b. 2 min ME burpee floor to bar touches

Athletes have 10 min to establish a 1RM back squat total. Immediately after, both partners will simultaneously perform ME burpee F2B touches.

-Squat MUST break parallel

-Two separate scores 2a. Total #’s 2b. Total reps

-Burpees – chest must touch floor

-Bar touch is 6” above finger tips.

-If you’re of Yao Ming stature, have a chat with a coach for troubleshooting.

Partner Challenge – 2017

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It’s that time of year again – time for our 2nd Annual Partner Challenges!!! This is an excellent opportunity to test your limits, show off your strengths, work on your weaknesses, and engage in some friendly competition with a buddy of your choice.

There will be FIVE (5) challenges incorporating movements that can be performed by EVERYONE – In other words, no scaled or Rx divisions. There will be one small twist: We challenge everyone to perform DU’s in one of the challenges. If you still struggle with DU’s, you have plenty of time to practice – grab a coach & get to work!

Challenges will be announced on the blog beginning on 6/19. You will have 5 weeks to complete all 5 challenges.

Partners must be of the opposite sex (No coaches – sorry!)

You have two (2) attempts MAX to complete each challenge. If you choose to make a 2nd attempt, you must submit the score from your 2nd attempt – you cannot submit the “best” score from both attempts. (Didn’t see that coming!)

More information will be released on Monday, 6/19 – Stay tuned!

$25 per team. Register on Pike13/front desk,

1st place team: $50 account credit; 2, 2-week passes for friends and family; 2, COTH water bottles

2nd place team: $35 account credit; 2, 2-week passes for friends and family; 2, COTH water bottles

COTH Fat-Loss Challenge, 2017

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Hello, wonderful Workhorses! I’m proud to announce the next big thing at our box: the Crossfit on the Hill Fat-Loss Challenge!

With the new year and old man winter upon us, let’s all use this time to prepare for the upcoming CrossFit Open and, of course, beach season (yes, we’re thinking that far ahead!).  No better way to start than to supplement the hard work you all put in at the box with customized meal plans to help meet your activity and schedule.

While we can’t emphasize enough the value of coming in and working hard at the gym throughout the week, we also can’t ignore what may be the most valuable aspect of attaining our physical goals: eating the right meals at the right times.

Why should you consider this?

Our nutrition plays a vital part in how we perform (at work and at the gym), and how we recover from those exhausting daily WODs. We’ve designed a macronutrient valued template, which will calculate your macro intakes based off your body composition. You’ll weigh in, take your measurements, follow the template and consult with your coach along the 12-week journey.

Our methods come from proven nutritional dieting programs (specifically, “The Renaissance Diet” by Renaissance Periodization), which fuels Crossfitters, Powerlifters, Olympic weightlifters, and other kinds of competitive athletes. Not sold on the methods? Their work speaks for themselves!

Well that’s great but what the heck is a Macro?

Macro’s, short for macronutrients, are a collection of nutritional components, mainly protein, fats, and carbohydrates consumed in our daily diets. In order for us to best achieve our goals of fat loss or muscle gain, macronutrients and the times consumed must be adjusted and accounted for throughout the entirety of our diet.

The key here is calorie balance and where we retrieve those calories (what food sources) and at what times. Burning more of what you put in = fat loss. More information on this will be included in our nutritional seminar which will be held before we begin.

Have we piqued your interest?  Keep reading…

Our Fat-Loss challenge will last 12-weeks and will break down into 4-phases (Base, Cut 1, Cut 2, Cut 3). Each member that participates will be included on a team which will be lead by a coach. Every week you’ll be required take measurements/weigh in with your coach, so we can better track your results and cater the plan to fit your goals.

A meal tracking/scoring template will be provided to each athlete and shared amongst you and your teammates. Scores will be added up at the end of the week to track team progress and at the end of the challenge to determine the winning team. Also, if you wish to participate in the individual challenge, you can submit weekly pictures, displaying your results and at the end of the challenge, prizes will be awarded to the individual with the biggest turn around!

Additionally, a private Facebook group page will be created to encourage participants, share recipes and display physical results (pictures are optional).

What can I eat? Is this some crazy caveman nonsense?

No. This is not a caveman/cavewomen diet, although you can stick to eating paleo if that’s your schtick. Our macronutrient values come from all types of food (rice, beans, meat, veggies and even…sugar!). Like everything in life, too much of one thing is bad for you, which is why our plan is to incorporate a little bit of everything in moderation and at the right times. A list of recommended foods will be provided to all athletes and more information will be provided during our introduction seminar.

What’s the cost?

$50 per athlete. $20 of your entry fee will be applied to a collective prize pot. Upon completing our challenge, we’ll issue prizes for two categories – Best looking results and Highest collective team score.

Additionally, if you sign up before February 6th, use the coupon code LESSFATMOREMUSCLE to save $10 dollars!

How about some prize info?

Ok, so you need a little more motivation? Here’s what we’ve got in store for our winners:

Individual prizes:
1st place – 60% of the collective prize cash pool, a complimentary 1 hour massage from Boston Massage Associates, an additional month pass, and a 2 week pass for a friend/family member.

2nd place – 30% of the collective prize cash pool, a complimentary 30 min massage from Boston Massage Associates and a 2 week pass for a friend/family member.

3rd place – 10% of the collective prize cash pool and a 2 week pass for a friend/family member.

Team Prize:
1st place
– $100 towards a group lunch. Let’s feast!

What everyone wins:
New found confidence, higher energy outputs and a new looking you heading into the spring! You’ll also be registered into our upcoming spring partner challenges!

When do we begin?

Enrollment is now open and can be purchased here:

The challenge is set to begin February 10th and last until May 5th. That’s a Friday start/end date. Trust me, it’ll be worth it to end on a Friday and celebrate your success that following weekend.

A nutrition seminar will be held Saturday, February 4th at Crossfit on the Hill. The challenge will be covered in full detail and questions, comments, and concerns will be addressed.

Interested in learning more? Feel free to reach out to a coach or you can send along any questions/inquires to

WOD for Friday, 10/14/16

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We took the opportunity today to design an Active Recovery WOD. With many of the COTH athletes preparing for the 4th Annual In-House Throwdown tomorrow what better timing to teach and apply active recovery techniques. Veteran athletes have learned that recovery is as important as their actual training. This is your chance to add some of these techniques to your ever expanding tool box as a COTH member. There will be an optional workout for those who aren’t competing this weekend but I hope you consider taking the day to slow things down and learn this important process with the coaches.

“Recovery Day”

Part 1:

Foam Roll: 20mins

Part 2:

Band Assisted Stretches: 10 mins
Hip Stretch 1min each side (2minutes)
Lat Stretch 1 min each side (2minutes)
Front Rack Stretch 1 min each side (2 minutes)

Mobility: 10 mins
Side Lying Windmill 1 min each side (2 minutes)
QL Stretch/ Child’s pose 1 min reaching to each side (2 minutes)
Pigeon 1 minute each side (2 minutes)

Active Recovery: 10 mins
30 sec intervals rowing at 80% and 50%
*use clock on rower

Athletes who do not want to join the recovery class can perform the following WOD:

MetCon: 10mins

800m Run
-in remaining time AMRAP of
20 Burpees
20 step back lunges

Save the Date – Crossfit on the Hill Throwdown

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Believe it or not, it is about that time of year again — the time of year where the leaves change, where we trade our Coronas for ciders, and the time when we, literally, Throwdown at Crossfit on the Hill.

Our 4th annual Crossfit on the Hill In-House Throwdown will be held on October 15, 2016.  Please make a note in your calendars and, if you have already made plans for that day, cancel them (just kidding…maybe…not really…definitely cancel them).

Soon, we will create an event on our COTH Athletes Facebook page so we can keep track of who is participating and make necessary preparations.  If you are not on Facebook, but would like to participate, please check in with a coach.  The competition is for COTH members only, however you are more than welcome to bring a friend, family member, or a loved one with you for support and encouragement.

We will release more information in the coming weeks, specifically Rx/Scaled standards and event details.   And y’all already know double-unders WILL be included, so get your practice in as part of our new challenge for August!

A registration link for competitors will be created on Front Desk and posted to the event page on the COTH Athletes Facebook page. The cost of entry is $40 per participant, which we will put towards facility improvements and upgrades, as well as prizes for our podium finishers.

We highly encourage EVERYONE to participate as this competition is NOT meant for only the absolute fittest, but more a chance for everyone to test their personal limits and assess how much you’ve improved during your time at COTH.  Competition brings out the best in us and what better way than to do it with your fellow hard working peers!

As always, if anyone has any questions/comments, don’t hesitate to ask a coach!

More information will come soon, so stay tuned!