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Filling Gaps in CrossFit Programming: Single Leg RDL

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CrossFit is a  program based on intensity with a variety in modalities, movements and time domains. Even with all that variety there are some important movements of the body that aren’t trained enough. Some of these moments are important for functional strength and stability development along with reducing risk of injury. Our goal is to build a complete body.

With some basic supplemental programming we can we can address these gaps in programming and improve our body’s performance and  and reduce the risk on injury.


-Single Leg RDL

This week let’s fill in one of those gaps with the Single Leg RDL which prioritizes the function of the working hamstring, glutes, and obliques, among others, with the contralateral upper quarter of the body.

A movement like this is also a great way to assess our single leg stability or any asymmetry, imbalance or movement dysfunction we may have from one side to another. Due to our body’s incredible ability to compensate we may never notice these issues when performing bi-pedal pulling exercises like the traditional deadlift.

CrossFit Homework:

Twice per week:

3 sets of 10 reps each leg using a kettlebell of moderate weight.

*Only choose a weight that your single leg stability can handle.



Building a Comprehensive CrossFit Warm-up

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Developing a comprehensive warm-up protocol is essential to maximize performance when training intensely. It is also a great opportunity to limit injuries by preparing the body properly to perform CrossFit workouts. With the right kind of warm-up we can improve movement and diminish impairments, compensations, stiffness, and imbalances with neuromuscular, pre-habilitation, mobility, stability and activation drills.


Below is a list and videos of just a few that we use at CrossFit on the Hill. These would be in addition to usually 4-5 Dynamic Mobility exercises moving the body through multiple planes. These exercises are not shown below but are included in all our warm-ups. 

We have been including more neuromuscular drills into to our comprehensive warm-ups. Think of a neuromuscular drill as warming up the “software” of the body, improving the connection between mind, muscle and movement. Doing this helps the body prepare for the workout in the short term while making us a better athlete in the long term.

In-Line Bear Crawl

Single Leg Stability Tight Rope

“No Hands” Get-Up

Tall Kneeling Overhead Pass

The tall kneeling MedBall Pass is a good warm-up which enforces glute engagement and good posture while trying to develop power to throw the ball to your partner. This exercise will be graded on form, not reps.

KB Stability Walk Series (Overhead, Front Rack, Suitcase)

The KB Stability Walk has been developed for the athlete to carry an unbalanced load in what it is now 3 different positions. A kettlebell is carried in an either a single arm overhead position (shown above), front rack position, or “suitcase” style.

The Overhead Stability Walk will act as neuromuscular warm-up and stability drill. It is also a good assessment of your overhead positioning abilities. Those who struggle need to improve to reduce injury when performing overhead exercises.

Glute Activation Drills

Our Glute Engagement Complex is perfect for facilitating the glutes which are involved in the majority of your CrossFit movements. Highly functioning glutes don’t just make you a more powerful athlete but also protect important connective tissue of the knee, especially in females. Try this warm-up a few times a week.

Lateral Band Walks

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Kailey takes us through a very simple and effective engagement exercise for the glutes and hips. Activating this area can decrease knee and hip injuries, reduce back pain, and prepare the tissue for the intense work to follow which is extremely important  when CrossFitting. Be sure to keep the band tight and keep your knees out over your heels.

Skill Practice: The Turkish Get-Up

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This week we’d like you to practice a challenging full-body exercise, the Turkish Get-Up. Not only will a movement like this fortify the body as a supplemental exercise but you’ll also see it in your programming over the next few weeks. How skilled are you?

Homework: 6 x 3 TGU’s on each side working up to the heaviest weight without technical failure.

Shoulder Stability Exercises on the Rings

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Steven has created a simple supplemental shoulder stability plan (say that 5 times fast) to improve your shoulder stability and function. This can easily be done as part of your warm-up before class or during open gym. Be sure to select the safest progression for you and follow the instructions on the video. Let Coach Steven know how it goes!


Each week we will be adding new supplemental programming for you to move and feel better. What would you like to get better at?



WOD for Tuesday, 5/14/13

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We’ve got another running WOD for you all! This one is more geared toward conditioning, which we all need more of! You’re also going to get a lot of time on the bar for the toes to bar (or knees to chest) so stay tight, kip big and try to link them together.



Handstand balance

For Time:

600m run

10 jump over box

20 t2b

30 KB swings

200m run

30 KB swings

20 t2b

10 jump over box

600m run

Thursday Motivation – No Excuses!

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Hey CrossFit on the Hill,

I just wanted to share with you one of my stud clients, Kaela. Kaela suffers from Friedreich’s Ataxia which is a degenerative nervous system disease. That still doesn’t keep us from working hard. We are always testing her boundaries and yesterday we tried some knees-to-chest, CrossFit style! This proves again that with the right attitude and coaching,  exercise and CrossFit can be tailored for anyone.