WOD for Tuesday, 5/16/17

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Strength: (15 mins)

OH Strict Press:
Week 1: 5×1 AHAP (all weights will be based off of heaviest single)

MetCon: (Cap 18)

For time:
600m MB Run (20/14#)
40 MB Slams
40 Russian Twists
400m MB Run
30 MB Slams
30 Russian Twists
200m MB Run
20 MB Slams
20 Russian Twists

It’s time to take your medicine. Part of a comprehensive functional training program is not just to move the body through various planes but move odd objects. It is more often than not that you move objects that don’t have handles such as barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells in your daily life.

WOD for Friday, 12/16/16

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Its been a while since we’ve programmed a long chipper. A key to performing well while performing high repetitions of a movement consecutively is maintaining technique and mechanics. When fatigue sets in there are breakdowns in our form if we are not disciplined. Those break downs leak energy and add up over time. While it might seem faster to push through at the time, those who maintain form the longest decrease energy expenditure and perform better over a long period of time.


Alternating Bird Dog:
5rounds 30sec each side


For time: (cap 20)
50 Cal Row
75 Wall Balls 20/14#
100 Stepback Boulder Lunges 20/14#
125 KB Swings (1.5/1pd)

WOD for Wednesday, 11/23/16

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Before you head home for Thanksgiving you must “Earn the Bird”!!! You’ll be earning it with one of the most notorious Open workouts of all time, “14.5”. It is a relentless amount of two full body exercises. It is also your Head Coach’s least favorite workout of all time. It’s become a tradition to do before Thanksgiving. Have fun!


4 Minute Bear Crawl Challenge

MetCon: (Cap 20)

For time:
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of
Thrusters 95/65#
Bar facing Burpees
*Compare to last year

WOD for Friday, 11/18/16

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We have been including a lot of interval training with great success in your programming. This week we are using rounds of EMOTM style intervals but rather than using 1 or 2 movements for the entirety of the workout you will be working 6 minutes with 1 movement before moving on to the next. Your variety of movements include the knee dominant Wall Ball, the hip dominant KB Swing and the anterior chain dominant Toes to Bar.


5x (across and back)
In-line Bear Crawl

MetCon: (18-20 mins)

15 Wall Balls (Beginner 10 reps)
-1min rest
20 KB swing (1.5/1) (Beginner 15 reps)
-1min rest
8 T2B (15 K2C) (Beginner 15 Sit-ups)
-1min rest

WOD for Friday, 10/14/16

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We took the opportunity today to design an Active Recovery WOD. With many of the COTH athletes preparing for the 4th Annual In-House Throwdown tomorrow what better timing to teach and apply active recovery techniques. Veteran athletes have learned that recovery is as important as their actual training. This is your chance to add some of these techniques to your ever expanding tool box as a COTH member. There will be an optional workout for those who aren’t competing this weekend but I hope you consider taking the day to slow things down and learn this important process with the coaches.

“Recovery Day”

Part 1:

Foam Roll: 20mins

Part 2:

Band Assisted Stretches: 10 mins
Hip Stretch 1min each side (2minutes)
Lat Stretch 1 min each side (2minutes)
Front Rack Stretch 1 min each side (2 minutes)

Mobility: 10 mins
Side Lying Windmill 1 min each side (2 minutes)
QL Stretch/ Child’s pose 1 min reaching to each side (2 minutes)
Pigeon 1 minute each side (2 minutes)

Active Recovery: 10 mins
30 sec intervals rowing at 80% and 50%
*use clock on rower

Athletes who do not want to join the recovery class can perform the following WOD:

MetCon: 10mins

800m Run
-in remaining time AMRAP of
20 Burpees
20 step back lunges

WOD for Wednesday, 8/17/16

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We will being class with an extensive shoulder warm-up which includes activation of the rotator cuff along with mobility of the entire shoulder unit and thoracic spine. The warm-ups that we create do not have to just be relegated to class time. Learn them and practice on your own to make the best of them.


3rnds of:
10 “no money” palms down
10 “no money” palms up
3 “clapping penguin” palms facing each other
3 “clapping penguin” palms facing away

10 “Side Lying Windmill” each side

MetCon: (Cap 20)

800m Run
100′ Bear Crawl (2x across the floor and back)
50 Push-ups

WOD for Monday, 8/08/16

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If the Front Squat is difficult due to your front rack position don’t simply blame your shoulders. While tight lats and shoulders can be the cause of poor front rack position it may also be torso angle. If you can’t squat with an upright torso your front rack will suffer regardless of your shoulders. Having a mature well developed squat will always be a prerequisite.


3×20 Psoas March Hip Bridge


Week 6 – Front Squat:

MetCon: (Cap 18)

3 Rounds:
30 Wall Balls 20/14#
200m Farmer’s Walk 50/35#

WOD for Friday, 8/05/16

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We have been including more neuromuscular drills into to our comprehensive warm-ups. Think of a neuromuscular drill as warming up the “software” of the body, improving the connection between mind, muscle and movement. Doing this helps the body prepare for the workout in the short term while making us a better athlete in the long term.


5x Inline Bear Crawl


For Time: (Cap 17)
500m Row
20 Thrusters 95/65#
200m MB Run 20/14#
20 Thrusters
200m MB Run

WOD for Wednesday, 8/03/16

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Our MetCon is a Plate Carry sandwich with repeated rounds of stepback lunges and double unders in the middle. It’s a great pair of carry loads, leg strength, and conditioning.


3rnds of:
10 “no money” palms down
10 “no money” palms up
3 “clapping penguin” palms facing each other
3 “clapping penguin” palms facing away


For time: (Cap 5)
100 Push-ups


For Time: (Cap 20)
400m Plate Carry 45/35#
-then 3 rounds of
30 Stepback Lunges
30 DU’s
400m Plate Carry

Movement Prep and Strategies for 16.2

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Hello Athletes,

I hope you are well and excited about some heavy squat cleans. Does of you who had work to improve your mobility and strength on your Front Squat Position will be rewarded in this WOD. Although, you will have to get through some Toes to Bar and Double Unders before you can prove your strength.

We have borrowed a movement prep video from The Movement Fix and a strategy video from WODprep. Make sure you watch them and talk to your coaches before you take a hack at 16.2. I also included 16.2 standard video.







Have fun with 16.2,