WOD for Tuesday, 7/25/17

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Touch & Go Power Cleans


12 minutes to establish 5RM TnG Power Clean


10 Hang Cleans 95/65#
10 Toes to Bar
– 3 min rest
15 Deadlift 95/65#
15 Burpees

Here is a rather spicy combo plate of conditioning. Instead of perform a 10min AMRAP. You will perform two 5 minute AMRAPS of completely different couplets. Your score will the be combined total of each part.

WOD for Monday, 7/24/17

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Kipping HSPU


4x 1, 3, 6, or 9 depending on level

MetCon: (12 mins)

5 Wall Climbs
50’ Weighted Walking Lunge 50/35# (held goblet style)  (25’ away from wall and back)

This is Week 4 of our Gymnastic Inversion Program. Today’s class will focus on generating power through the hips to move from the headstand position to the handstand position. This is the complete opposite movement of last week’s negative Handstand Push-up.

WOD for Friday, 7/21/17

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Skill: (15 mins)

Power Clean and Jerk

MetCon: (Cap 16 mins)

For time:
30 Cal Row
30 Clean and Jerk 135/95#
30 Toes to Bar

We are taking extra time to focus on weightlifting today. The Clean and Jerk is the second lift performed in a Weightlifting meet and is the heavier of the 2. It is the height of power and technique. Use today’s skill work to improve your form.

WOD for Monday, 7/17/17

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Negative HSPU (lowering to the floor from handstand position)


Handstand w/ Negative HSPU
 3x 1, 3, 6, or 9 depending on level


45sec ME Wall Balls
15sec Rest
45sec ME KB Swings (2/1.5pd)
15sec Rest
45sec Plank
15sec Rest
45sec ME Box Jump 24/20#
15sec Rest

It’s time to advance our Gymnastic Inversion Program and start grooving the handstand push-up movement and build strength. By performing “negatives” we are training the stronger part of the movement and also improving our ability to safely lower our head to the floor which is obviously very important. Even if HSPU’s are easier for you it’s always helpful to master the basics.

WOD for Thursday, 7/6/17

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Week 1: Gymnast Inversion Program
Tripod Headstand Hold Practice (8mins)
     Beginners will be agains the wall.
     Advanced will try without wall out on the floor

MetCon: (20 mins)

2 Rounds for time:
30 DB Snatch 50/35#
100m Walking Lunge
100m Sprint (returning back to the gym)

This is the beginning of our Gymnastic Inversion Program. We will take a step by step approach to performing better during all our inverted gymnastic movements such as Handstand Push-ups, Handstand walks and headstands.

WOD for Thursday, 6/29/17

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Skill: (8 mins)

Hang Power Snatch

Strength: (15 mins)

3RM Hang Snatch

MetCon: (Cap 15 mins)

For time:
Hang Snatch 95/65#
Bar Hop Burpees (parallel)

A couple weeks ago we took time to practice our Hang Snatch and performed 5×3 for strength. Today we will practice again and try and develop a 3 repetition maximum. We will transfer that practice and use the Hang Snatch in a 21/15/9 MetCon with the Bar Hop Burpee.

WOD for Monday, 6/26/17

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OH Strict Press:
Week 7: 4×8 L-sit DB Shoulder Press AHAP


Kettlebell Clean

MetCon: (Cap 16 mins)

8 Rounds for time:
10 KB Clean Right Arm (1.5/1pd)
10 KB Clean Left Arm
20 Russian Twists 20/14#
-but every minute on the minute (10 Push-ups)

When you watch someone who is highly skilled at training with Kettlebells it looks like art. When there is true mastery of manipulating the bell even heavier weights seem to move with less effort. It’s a sport of efficiency. Unfortunately in the CrossFit world, even at its higher levels, skill is overpowered by strength. CrossFit is a sport reliant on conserving energy and taking the time to practice quality movement with the Kettlebells pays off.

WOD for Thursday, 6/22/17

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4 Rounds:
10 Strict Ring Dips
20 Alternating Cossack Squat
Assisted Cossack Squat:

MetCon: (AMRAP 20)

20 DB Snatch 50/35#
15 Burpee Box Jumps (not box overs)
100m Sprint

In opposition to Tuesday’s single long distant run today’s MetCon includes repeated short sprints. While the movement of running can be similar between various distances (excluding speed of the gait pattern) the energy systems involved are completely different due to the length of time in which the body has to support the work.

WOD for Tuesday, 6/20/17

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MetCon: (AMRAP 10)

1200m Run
ME Deadlifts 405/285#

Today’s WOD is inspired by the Trail Run / Deadlift combo of events from the CrossFit Games. It is a pairing the tests an athletes aerobic conditioning followed immediately by a heavy powerlifting movement. You are challenged to run fast enough to have time to collect reps while also conserving energy enough to lift the heavy weight.

WOD for Thursday, 6/15/17

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Skill: (8 mins)

Hang Snatch

Strength: (12 mins)

5×3 Hang Snatch

MetCon: (Cap 15)

For time:
1k Row
400m Farmer’s Walk 50/35#
40 Box Over Burpees 24/20#

Our workout begins working on some weightlifting in the form of the Hang Snatch. Here are a few components of an efficient Hang Snatch.
– Driving force through the floor with the hips and legs.
– Keeping the bar close to the body.
– Maintaining a vertical trajectory of the bar.
– A fast turn over and stable receiving position.