WOD for Friday, 12/8/17

Strength: (10 mins)

5×8 Weighted Push-up

Skill: (8 mins)

KB Clean from the floor

MetCon: (Cap 12 mins)

For time:
(R arm)
12 KB Clean (1.5/1pd)
9 KB Front Squat (note position https://youtu.be/aqtAGrUluag)
6 KB Jerk (STOH)
(L arm)
12 KB Clean (1.5/1pd)
9 KB Front Squat
6 KB Jerk (STOH)

It’s time to test the strength of our Push-up. Select a partner to help you out. If you can already perform Push-ups with great form ask you partner to place and weight plate between your shoulder blades and hips. Select a weight that will allow you to perform 5 sets of 8 repetitions.

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