WOD for Monday, 7/31/17

Strength: (20 mins)

Front Squats
Week 5:
5×3 w/ 2sec pause @90% of 5RM

MetCon: (1o mins)

10 Hang DB Snatch (R) 50/35#
10 Hang DB Snatch (L)
10 Box Jumps 30/24#

We are over half way though of our Front Squat Strength Program and your coaches have been very impressed with everyone’s improvements. Here are some characteristics of a great pause squat.
1. Keeping the bar at the highest point possible throughout the entire squat.
2. Staying in a strong active paused position, not collapsed.
3. Driving back up bar first and not letting the hips rise before the shoulders.
4. Bracing the core throughout the entire repetition.

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