WOD for Thursday, 8/3/17

Joe Laviano, King of the Hill for July, 2017

Strength: (10 mins)

4×3 w/ Least resistant band possible
1RM Weighted Pull-up
then 1xME@90%, 1xME@80%

MetCon: (Cap 16 mins)

“Joey Lava”
Descending reps (10-1) of:
Power Clean 115/75#
Bar Hop Burpees (parallel)
-perform 2 Bar Muscle-ups/ Scaled: 4 Strict C2B after each completed round

Today’s MetCon is in Honor of July’s King of the Hill, Joe. He is a fan of descending ladders so we paired it with a few of his favorite movements. All hail “Joey Lava”.